There’s a Certain Kind of Sunshine in a Smile

If you’re a dog lover, you’re probably familiar with the canine smile. It’s that big, cheesin’ grin us pups like to give when we’re happy, relaxed and having a good time. Other happy characteristics are often relaxed eyes and a rolling tongue hanging out the side of our goofy grin – all meaning we’re pretty excited about what we’re up to! Now, don’t confuse this face with stressed panting and looking/feeling tense – that’s completely different.  Isn’t it great how subtle we are with our body language signs? You can read more about the canine language and what we’re trying to tell you in this article from Whole Dog Journal.

Anyway, back to why I’m taking over the blog today. I want to announce that I have officially shown my smile to the world! For about two months, because it was pretty cool out and I didn’t have a reason to get SUPER excited, my smile was hidden. I wasn’t stressed or anything, I was just good at being calm, cool and collected. You can see examples of that in some of my glamour shoots. I’m still good at being miss Calm-Cool-Collected, I’m just letting loose a little more now! I am loving this warmer weather and am finding it to be the perfect reason to smile. I also just love life!


smile2smile1Cheer up, buttercup – because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile!

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Why You Want Me Wednesday #8

Today’s Why You Want Me Wednesday is something that I, Johnnie Cash, think everyone should and will love about me – so let’s jump right in, shall we?


Since my foster family has this silly rule about me not being allowed on the furniture, snuggling must occur on the floor. Lucky for me they like to snuggle just as much as I do, so floor-snuggling happens a lot. Especially when it’s late at night and foster mama is ready for bed but I most definitely am not. She tricks my by pulling me onto her lap and rocking me so smoothly that I almost instantly drift off! If I am too excited I will think that an attempt to cuddle is an attempt to play (I mean, they’re equally fun, right?), but if I’m at all chillin’ them I’m ready for some snugglin’.

snuggle5 snuggle3 snuggle2

My hopes are that my forever family won’t mind if I’m on the bed or at least on the couch so that I can snuggle when we watch tv or when they’re reading a book or when they’re working on their laptop or really whenever! In the mean time, I’ll enjoy cuddling on the floor with my foster dad.

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