Remember That Time I Said “Adventure”?

It seems Charlie had other plans, or maybe my three-day weekend induced laziness just rubbed off on him. Ever since about 7:30 pm Sunday, Charlie and I have been nothing but a pile of cat napping blobs. The temperatures plummeted Sunday night, so between that and the fact that we had roughly nothing on the agenda Monday, we found it completely reasonable to stay in our pajamas for the majority of the day (well, me in my pjs and Charlie is in his Snood).


There aren’t many things better than a dog who follows you around and sleeps whenever you stop moving. Charlie decided to grace me with the old man side of his personality for this stay, as opposed to the puppy side that his mom tells me is quite rambunctious. I wouldn’t have minded the puppy side, but getting to lay low on a day off is so welcomed!

sleep2 sleep3 sleep4 sleep5 sleep6

Hope you all had a nice day off work if you were lucky enough to have the holiday!  For those of you who didn’t get the day off, sorry for rubbing it in :-).

Long Weekend. . . with Charlie!

I know you all remember Charlie, the adorable perma-pup from Jasmine’s House that crashed at my place over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s all coming back to you now, right? The handsome markings, the big, dreamy eyes, the pint size body. . .


Well, he’s back at my place for a couple days over this long weekend, and we are loving it! Except there’s one thing different this time around: he’s now adopted!!!

When I introduced Charlie in November, he was looking for his forever home after finally overcoming some nasty health issues thanks to the hard work of his fabulous foster family. After going through a few applicants and having them fall through, his foster family realized Charlie wasn’t supposed to be anyone’s but theirs, and they decided to keep him.  When I saw him interact with their family – including his two six-year old human brothers – I knew all along that he was meant to be theirs, and I was beyond thrilled when I heard the news that he was home forever.

They’re enjoying the long weekend out of town, so I get the pleasure of having Charlie hang out at my house again! It’s only for about two days, which naturally means we’re going to squeeze in as many adventures as possible ;-).  Hope you’re ready for some cuteness this week!


P.S. Yes, that bottom photo has purple in it to celebrate last night’s football win. . . GO RAVENS!!! While I’m a Skins fan at heart, I obviously love to see a Maryland team make it to the Superbowl – especially when it’s full of UMD Terps and pit bull advocates!

Otie’s Christmas List

I absolutely love the Holiday season for many reasons, but mostly because of the presents. No, not because of the presents I receive, but because of the presents I get to GIVE.  I spend hours browsing online websites or stores in the mall looking for the perfect gifts for the special people in my life.  I can’t wait to do gift exchanges to see how my friends and family like what I’ve picked out for them.

So I got to thinking about what someone special in particular would want: Otis. If Otis and I could exchange gifts like everyone else, what would I get him that would make him squeal in excitement like I’m hoping my gifts for others will do? Here are my guesses:

1.   Unlimited bully sticks (that’s a no brainer for any dog, right?)

2.   A personal body guard to keep him safe from all the big bad things in the world. . . aka the gust of wind that just blew outside

3.  Access to my bed (he doesn’t get that right now)

4.   A drool catcher. I’m not sure this is designed yet, but if I could get one for Otis he would be set for life. We could water an entire garden for a year with the amount of saliva that dog produces.

5.  A personal tracker for his humans, equipped with a GPS for instant information on their whereabouts and when they are set to arrive home.

6.  A dog bed that supports his tendencies to sleep upside down.

7.   Every meal mixed with left over gravy or beef stew, courtesy of former-FosterGrandma.

8.  A personal itcher for all those hard to reach locations that humans neglect to constantly scratch for him.

9.  A lifetime supply of the biscuits that my coworker b j gives him every morning when we go to work together.

10.  Lots of peanut butter stuffed Kongs – but not for him, for all of his friends who are still in the shelter (he is a very generous pup and I know he would want that).

I wish I can give him all these things, but I’ll probably have to settle with just a lot of snuggles and head rubs, which I’m sure he will be just fine with anyway.

If you could give your pup anything for the Holidays, what would it be?!


There’s a New Pittie in the Neighborhood!

When my next door neighbors came to me saying they were looking into adopting a “pit bull” dog, I was elated.  They are the kind of laid back people who don’t care about stereotypes and just wanted a nice family dog for their kids to grow up with.  They headed to our local shelter and, after a slow moving search, finally found a pup that seemed to be the perfect match.

After meeting many dogs, they settled on handsome Rojo (pronounced Ro-ho). Rojo had been overlooked at the shelter for months because of his nondescript, brown-dog look. Even though he behaved like a gentleman during visits, he never caught anyone’s attention. Until this family stopped by and gave him a chance.

Rojo now lives with two kids and has a huge yard that backs up to woods.  He seriously hit the jackpot with this family. They’re so willing to accept him for who he is, and they’re ready to learn whatever they need to for him to be the best dog he can be.

They lost their last dog about a year and a half ago, so naturally they are experiencing some, “Oh yeah, he’s not Scooter” moments, but they’re working through those. We all know how hard it can be to not try and replace our last pet, but to realize that the new one is an entirely new experience to fall in love.  I have a feeling that Rojo will quickly turn into another beloved fur baby just like his predecessor.

I’d like to ask you all for some advice on their behalf: Rojo is a pretty consistent submissive/excitable wetter.  Do you have any ideas for curbing/curing that for me to pass on to them? Thanks!

Weekend With a Dog

After an amazing week at Animal Farm Foundation (much more about that later), I was ready to walk into the shelter and bring home all the adoptable pitties. I knew I couldn’t do that, but I got a nice compromise when I agreed to dog sit for the weekend! Mandy is a family friend’s beagle/sheltie pup that they adopted about nine years ago. I first introduced her to the blog just around a year ago, and haven’t really gotten the chance to watch her since then because I’ve been so full with fosters. It was great to catch up with her and have some “girl time.”

At close to ten years old, Mandy is the kind of dog that I can bring anywhere.  She’s developed some anxiety in recent years, so she prefers to join you on the adventure, not stay at home. Since she’s compact and totally adorable, I did take her with me pretty much everywhere this weekend.  We went into the city to watch the (disappointing) Terps game with friends, and then she even joined us for lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed some down time doing what she does best: cuddling up in front of the tv.

It was so refreshing having a dog again. I loved having a companion to do things with and I loved coming home to her excitement. But it was also a reminder of the work involved, the schedule changes, the time investment – it’s easy to forget those things once a foster dog leaves.  I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to foster again, so I’m glad I had Mandy to help me remember my priorities.  It sure was nice to have this scene back again though!

I’m anxious to foster again and I know I will when the time is right (and it’s likely the “right time” will be when FosterDad returns from his business trip at the end of September).  Dog sitting is a pretty good gig, especially when the dog is as well behaved, adorable, and snuggly as Mandy. Pretty sure I’m feeling the effects of pittie-tail&smile-withdrawl though!

Otis in His New Home!

Lucky for us, Otis’ new dad is a photographer! Double lucky for us, he doesn’t mind if I share these pictures with you all. All of the updates I’ve been getting from R have been positive, and it sounds like Otis is settling in just fine! The pictures sure make it seem that way (some are camera, some are phone – all are from his new dad!):

Have a great weekend!