The Wait Is Over: Your Royal Adoptable is Right Here

The news broke yesterday that Kate Middleton finally had her baby; the royal baby. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited about it for the simple fact that it means the media will be obsessing over something positive for once! I think we can all use a break from the negative stories we’re surrounded by what feels like constantly. But I digress.

With us here today are some fabulous and ROYAL adoptable dogs. While the exact definition of the word royal might not fit these dogs, the synonyms sure do: “regal – kingly – majestic – princely.” We think these dogs are pretty great, and represent royal shelter animals all around the country.

Benjamin01Crown Kelly01tiara Nicholas01crown Smores02crown

So, while babies are neat and exciting, shelter dogs can be pretty neat and exciting too.  Go foster or adopt a royal adoptable today!