mebaxmoncropWelcome to Peace, Love & Fostering! My name is Juliana and I spend a lot of time with dogs.

In May 2015 I took a leap of faith and left my safe, comfortable career as an event planner at a local animal shelter to become a dog trainer full time. I had joined the world of non-profit development right out of college and was on a solid track to move up in that field – but thanks to a spunky foster dog, I started to feel a pull towards training and behavior. For about two years I juggled both jobs, ducking out of my 9-5 during the day to see clients or meeting with people on evenings and weekends. I actually loved the workload and the fast-paced demand of having both jobs, but my heart was so much more with the people and dogs I was helping through training. An opportunity presented itself to join the behavior team at my local animal shelter, the Washington (DC) Humane Society, and I knew it was time. I put in my notice at my fundraising job, saw us through one last big event, and made the jump.

On any given day you can find me working at the shelter falling in love with our animals, meeting with Dog Latin Dog Training clients, giving presentations around the DC area about dog-related topics, writing for this blog or a few others, posting way too many dog and non-dog photos on Instagram (@julianajean), waking up really early to run around DC to train for a marathon, being best friends with people I’ve never met thanks to the dog world and Facebook, stalking some of my favorite training and behavior idols in order to learn as much as possible, or trying to find time to enjoy being a 26 year old living in the nation’s capital.

I’m here to write about, well, pretty much all of that. This blog was created to promote my foster dogs, but it’s morphed into a place to discuss everything from training to fostering to simply living with and loving dogs.

You can also find me on Victoria Stilwell’s website, Positively.com!



22 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Found your blog through Love and a Six-foot Leash (aren’t they amazing?) Awesome blog! We just started our foster adventure too, just this week, and I am a blog virgin, too! Don’t you just love it? We have our first little guy, Tucker, who the rescue thinks will be a quick turn around because he’s just so adorable, which would be good to get our “foster feet” wet. :-) Once he finds his furever people we’re going to start fostering bullies, we just LOVE them!!

  2. Far

    I saw the Wheaten you mentioned on your blog. Is she still available for adoption? If so, I’d like to help her find a home. We live in California and own a Wheaten, they’re great dogs. My mother-in-law lives in Maryland and may have friends who would be interested.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. I need help with learning to live with my fiancé’s brindle boy. I admit he’s the cutest thing since a newborn’s bum, but he is difficult to get along with. He’s a big suck, and doesn’t listen to me. It’s been a big challenge, and now with our first baby on the way in about 4 months… I’m not sure where to go from here. Looking forward to learning. Thanks!

  4. katie

    i’m so excited to have come across this blog! i offically became a foster mom 5 weeks ago and wow has it been an adventure! i can’t wait to follow your posts for the comraderie, moral support, entertainment, and adorable photos (of course!) thanks for doing what you do :-)

  5. Hi there! I’m sure you get millions of award nominations, have probably have well over 200 followers, but I nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you care to participate, check out the instructions on my blog :)

  6. So excited that I found this blog! I do events/marketing/development for a rabbit rescue (Ohio House Rabbit Rescue), and so my fosters are all bunnies :) I would love to start fostering dogs as well, and hopefully once my pup is a little more grown up we can start!

  7. Congratulations on your Missy Award from my friend dailyspro. I have so enjoyed getting caught up on the adventures of Johhnie, and look forward to following your blog and reading about your future special pups. Great work!

  8. You are doing great work. My oldest daughter is a pit bull rescuer, and my youngest daughter has rescued two dogs, one a Yellow Lab and the other is definitely a dog. I’ve sent your information to both of them. Thanks for this great resource.

  9. This is a really great thing you are doing for those.
    We have a stray dog in our street (not so stray as it’s been given all the necessary injections et al) who’s practically belongs to all of us (Five houses). And she’s been called different names by different homes. We call her ‘Doe-Eyes’, for her innocent eyes (though her bark/growl isn’t so innocent), as does my neighbour. (of course I named her ‘Doe-Eyes’).

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