Girl’s Day Out

The temperature is slowly creeping up above freezing. The first day of Spring has officially come and gone. Teensy flowers are beginning to poke out from the thawing ground. The sunshine is lasting longer and longer. You can feel it… spring is in the air.

I’ll hike any time of year, but warmer weather makes enjoying time in the outdoors that much more appealing. I took full advantage of the slightly more bearable temps this past weekend by taking two of the my favorite pups on a hike at a local park called Scott’s Run. One of the girls, Lena, is a client’s dog. Her family was having a party so I offered to take her off their hands for the afternoon (twist my arm!). The other dog is Lady Bug, my friend Eran’s newest foster dog! Lena is on the left and Lady Bug is on the right.


Are they not the prettiest pair? I’ve got so much to tell you guys about Lady Bug, but that’s going to be for another post. For now, enjoy some photos of these two on our adventure! Coincidentally, Lena was adopted from the Washington Humane Society (WHS) last spring and Lady Bug was just sprung from WHS last month!

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A great time was had by all, as you can see with Lena on the drive home:


Who else is ready for the nicer weather with their pets!?

7 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Out

  1. laura

    Is Lena wearing a Gentle Leader? Could you comment on (or do a post on) choosing different “walking/hiking gear? ie: head halters, martingale collars, harnesses, different leashes etc

    • GREAT question, Laura. Lena is actually wearing a “Comfort Trainer” head halter This style was recommended by a vet behaviorist (for another dog) over the Gentle Leaders, which can be bit more uncomfortable to some dogs. Lena was desensitized to it, and doesn’t seem to mind it one bit – and her owners enjoy the extra control (she’s a bouncy girl, and her mom is now walking with a stroller as well!). I always recommend the Freedom Harness that Lady Bug is wearing, even before looking into head halters. The Freedom Harness gives the same security as some other “training collars” (yuck), but is comfortable for the dogs and allows you way more control than just a flat collar. It is a front-clip that, in combination with loose-leash walking training, can result in a very polite dog on leash. I generally avoid walking on just a collar because I feel more secure when my dogs are on a harness and, should we run into a situation where they become overstimulated and forget their walking manners, they won’t choke themselves.

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