Winter is (Basically) Here… and We Love It!

For some reason I have always been a fan of winter. Maybe it is because we are lucky enough to have seasons here in DC so by the time winter rolls around I am way sick of sweating and air conditioning, or maybe it is because some of my favorite fostering memories are from the fall/winter (it is, after all, about this time two years ago that I brought Mr. Baxter home!). Whatever it is, as the air starts getting crisper and the final leaves fall from the trees, I immediately find a spring in my (now booted!) step.

This year has been no different. I am, as usual, crazy busy, but my time with Paco has continued to be fun and exciting as the cold sets in. We’re finding new ways to work together since during the warmer months our go-to training location was his front yard.  We also haven’t let the cold stop our other activities together. Paco is a surprisingly fantastic running buddy, and the colder it gets the happier we are that we won’t have high temps holding us back from keeping up the pace during our runs. Cold weather running has always been my favorite (versus the summer – ick, no thanks!), and with a simple wardrobe addition, Paco is set to join me.

winter run

Don’t get me wrong – Paco is a good running buddy but he also snuggles like the best of ’em (as if I didn’t make that clear in previous posts).  In between training for KPA and running and hiking and playing tug, you can find Paco right here:

coldsnuggleWe like our cold-weather activities, but also appreciate curling up on a warm couch. And no, I did not adjust the pillows like that. The kid likes to burrow!

I find winter – and of course the Thanksgiving holiday – to be an excuse to look for things around me that I should appreciate, like awesome running weather or sunset skylines like this one from my house’s balcony. It might not be full of beaches, sunshine, tans and flip flops – but for this crazy dog lady, winter is a reason to celebrate!


4 thoughts on “Winter is (Basically) Here… and We Love It!

  1. Living in Erie you quickly learn to embrace winter (or else you’ll spend the next 6 months feeling sorry for yourself!). After running around with so many things to do all summer (since half our year is winter, we make use of summer!), it is nice to finally relax a little and enjoy the comforts of our home and companionship of our pooches!

  2. I’m jealous! I live in Florida, and while I generally prefer the warm weather, it’s kind of hard to get in the spirit of the season when it’s 75 degrees! Enjoy!

  3. I’m in the same geographic region as you (MD), and I totally agree with you re: winter and fall. I’d much rather bundle up in cozy sweaters and boots than sweat my butt off in the summer! It’s one of the main reasons my husband and I chose to have a winter wedding (January) when we married a few years ago. We adopted our pup summer 2011 and unfortunately we haven’t really had much snow since then – I’m hoping that this year is the year I’ll finally get to take cute photos of her playing in some snowdrifts :)

  4. Ilissa Flamm


    I saw you in Fido magazine – congrats! We met at the Art Gallery when I was a Board member of mcpaw.

    I love reading your blog and the work you do with, and for dogs.

    With best wishes,

    Ilissa Flamm

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