Saying Goodbye to Profitta

I know I promised you guys I’d tell you all about the reunions with my foster pups, but unfortunately I have to interrupt those stories for one post. On Friday we found out that Mark’s family dog Profitta passed away.


You might remember her from the many posts she’s been featured in on this blog. Two of my favorite entries in particular were the guest posts from her family members: Mark (foster dad) and Mark’s mom, Mrs. B. It’s always been clear to me how much Mark’s family loves Profitta. When I met Mark, Profitta was about nine and he still talked about her like she was the puppy of the family. They got her when she was an adorable eight weeks old.

proMrs. B wrote in her guest post about how much work it was to raise a puppy, but how rewarding it was to bring this amazing dog in as a member of their family. The bond between those two was always special – as I’m sure any of you out there who have raised a puppy can imagine. In a house full of boys, Profitta and Mrs. B had to stick together!

Mark’s family paid the love forward by taking in another golden, Seamus, who needed a home. The two pups became fast friends, and the new “babies” of the family.

samprobedWe have so many fun memories with the two pups, Profitta always being the older, wiser and just-as-mischevious one.  One thing I remember most about her is how she would always come find your knee when you were sitting down to rest her head on it. She was such a sweet, gentle and loving dog.




Recently, Profitta’s older sister status became even more important when Mark’s brother welcomed the first baby of the next generation to the family. Profitta took her duties very seriously, as you can see.

Pro1She was such a special part of the family, it’s been tough to say goodbye.  We miss you so much, Profitta!


20 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Profitta

  1. Her face is so….calming and lovely. I’m guessing that was her personality also. I hope her family takes comfort in knowing that if it was obvious to strangers that she was well-loved, then the love must have been incredibly strong. Heartfelt condolences. :(

  2. (((HUGS))) Saying goodbye is never easy, losing a dog is like losing a child, a best friend, a family member and while the pain lessens, it never goes away. My thoughts are with you and your family. Old men (and women) miss many dogs xoxo

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