Johnnie Cash is on a BOAT!

I have the privilege of following Johnnie’s adopters on Instagram, so I see her adorable little face every once in a while in pictures showing just how happy she is with her new family. It’s always the best surprise when she shows up in my feed, but this particular photo – as you can imagine – caught me attention and made me squeal REALLY loud.

01I haven’t chatted with J’s forever parents in a while, so I used it as an excuse to email them seeing how things are going. I got this glowing report, and some more photos!

“Yes, we are loving everyday with Johnnie!  I love that you can see her pics on Instagram, and I get to see all of the dogs you help everyday. :)  

A couple updates!  Obviously she loves the water and boats!  We’ve been taking her to Obedience Classes at Woofs! She just had her 5th class on Monday we have two more.  We did get put in a separate space because JC gets overly excited around a few of the dogs.  BUT everyday she gets a lot better with her puppy manners.  In the mornings I take her to a few busy corners with kids and people to work on sits, downs, roll over (bellyspots), and basically not jumping on people.  
We run her a few times a week and that helps with her energy.  We had a play date with a friends dog on July 4th (a puppy lab mix) they love each other and have very similar energy.  
After Obedience Training is over we will probably sign up for a one on one training session and then go onto a more advanced training… then eventually agility classes :D I know she would really like those!! BUT I definitely want her mostly trained by then.
Ty’s family absolutely love JC and her positive energy!!  I know the family took tons of pictures on the trip!!  I was so focused on making sure she was okay; I only took a couple pictures.  I’ll ask Ty’s mom to send me some pics to forward to you to share.  
YES, Ty and I are learning so much!!  Especially how to set JC up for success while we are at work and while we are with her.  We have gone through two remotes to date but the great thing is everything has been replaceable :) 
BTW She wakes me up in the mornings now (licking my face)!  Bright and early 6:30AM everyday, sometimes after a big saturday she’ll sleep in but not as often anymore.  She is still a sleepy dog though, after breakfast she’ll lounge in the living room while I get ready for work.  
I know JC misses you and sends lots of love your way!”
06 05 04 03 02
I literally have no words. Okay, maybe one. Perfect. Perfect perfect perfect. HOW DID JOHNNIE FIND SUCH A PERFECT HOME!? I mean, all my fosters are in the perfect home. But Johnnie Cash’s home is just so perfect. You guys, this dog was in the shelter for eight months. EIGHT MONTHS. No one even gave her a chance! I’m sorry I’m internet yelling. I just can’t get over it. It brings tears to my eyes and gives me goosebumps and butterflys and all those fuzzy things.  I am the luckiest foster mom in the whole world for having such wonderful dogs and such wonderful people to scoop them up and call them their own!
Cheers to JC’s family and the amazingly bright future ahead of her!

13 thoughts on “Johnnie Cash is on a BOAT!

  1. Niki & Zeus

    What an awesome update! So happy for Johnnie Cash as is sounds like she has found the perfect home. Thanks for sharing her update with us!

  2. What a wonderful update! I’m so happy for her, her parents, and you.

    We are looking to re-home our sweet Loki as I know he needs more than I can give him. It’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made and all I can do is hope that I get to have the same expirience you just did. We’re working with Canines With A Cause so, I know we’ll find him the perfect home. I wouldn’t let him go otherwise.

    Again, I’m so happy for all of you! I can only imagine how great you must feel right now :-).

  3. So wonderful! Isn’t that the BEST (i.e., stalking fosters through their adoptive family’s Instagrams)?? We follow Laszlo (former foster pup) on Instagram, and it brings me indescribable joy! Johnnie is such a lucky girl to have been fostered by you, and it looks like she won the forever family lottery!

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