Happy Independence Day!

. . . from some adorable adoptables at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington! All of these cuties are looking for forever homes!

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Hope you all have fun today! But remember – this is a really scary holiday for a lot of pets. July 5th is a crazy busy day for animal shelters because of all the animals who get freaked by the fireworks and run away from home. Keep your pets inside!

Happy 4th of July!

10 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Teresa

    Love love the one with the flags on his head. His looks he’s just chilling and doesn’t care you’ve dressed him up! They are all so adorable.

  2. Lynnie

    The 4th is my least favorite holiday for the very reason you mentioned. Today I am helping by doing a 12 hour shift at the Animal Emergency Center. I’ll do whatever I can to aid the suffering of these terrified animals that come in today… sparklers are good! Love your pic’s.

  3. Great pics, the dogs are all so cute! Such good dogs, can tell they have good treats & training. :) Happy 4th!
    We’re chilling in the A/C, no need to have the dogs out in the noise and heat.

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