City Dogs: Meet Max!

How perfect that I was asked to photograph Jasmine’s House adoptable Max downtown around the same time that I move to the city! I knew this would be a fun shoot as soon as I heard he lived with his foster mom on Capitol Hill. I spent all weekend moving in (more on that later!) and just as I settled in, I hopped on the metro to photograph Max Sunday evening.

If you live in the area you know that pretty much any day and time are vulnerable to thunderstorms this time of year. It’s been a hot, humid and wet start to the summer. Sunday was no different. For the whole day on Sunday Sam, Max’s foster mom, and I went back and forth about whether to brave the looming storms and do the shoot. We decided to go for it last minute – just as a storm passed through – and it actually ended up in our favor! The storms drove all the tourists away and for about thirty minutes we literally had the city to ourselves. I was in photo shoot heaven with the dark skies, empty streets and awesome DC landmarks in the background.

Max was a total sweetheart. He was happy to calmly walk up and greet me when I first met him and Sam. He lives as an only pet in his foster mom’s apartment, and, while he’s only about two years old, he is very low key in the house. She said he loves his long walks and just snoozing on the couch. He was full of personality during the shoot! We got some awesome shots thanks to how cooperative he was.

0301 05 1014 13 He is just a big goofball! He even won over DC’s finest:

12With such good looks and a personality to match, adopters should be fighting over this guy! I mean really, how can you resist this face or hunkin’ bod?

07 04

Max and I agree – we love this city!

08To adopt Max the City Dog, fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website.

8 thoughts on “City Dogs: Meet Max!

  1. Teresa

    What a handsome pic. Nice to see the pic with him and DC’s finest you hear so much bad stuff in the news about police shooting dogs it’s nice to see this side. Hope he gets scooped up he’s a real cutie!

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