Puppies on Puppies on Puppies

This post is a little bit a reminder that 1. it’s baby season and 2. you absolutely CAN find puppies at shelters (meaning you don’t have to buy). But mostly I just wanted to share with you the rather unfortunate cuteness that took over work last week. I say unfortunate because I hate that there are so many puppies coming through our doors with no home! But regardless, here are some squishy faces for your Monday.

puppies02 puppies03 puppies04 puppies05 puppies07 puppies06

I’m actually going to be seeing lots of puppies from now on thanks to an exciting new opportunity (no, that does not include fostering… for now) – but more on that later!

9 thoughts on “Puppies on Puppies on Puppies

  1. CUTE OVERLOAD! Lol. They are just adorable. Unfortunately I think a puppy would be too much work and they are snapped up from rescues quickly anyway so if I got a dog I think I’d want an elderly one I could give a retirement home to. Or even just one that has grown out of the crazy puppy phase!

    Looks like you had fun though!


  2. We got Miss Walker as a puppy (8 weeks old) and I have to say that as cute as they are, it is ALOT of work. She is a fabulous dog and my husband and I didn’t really know much about training but we did take advice we heard from several people to crate train her and it was the best thing we did for her and for us! Not sure I would take on another puppy, especially seeing so many seniors dumped at the shelter and there is something to be said for a mature dog. Happy Monday!!!!!

  3. Makes me have puppy fever!!! But then I quickly remember the puppy “phase” and I’m not ready to do that all over again. I’m so glad we are past the puppy phase at home.

  4. I regularly visit four different shelters and it’s rare that puppies aren’t available, any time of the year. This is good and bad: of course they are adopted quickly, but that also means an adult or senior dog is passed by and left in the shelter.

    Puppies are definitely a lot of work; Cricket was 8 weeks old when she joined us and to me it was almost like having another human baby again! If I was to do it again (and I did, two more times!) I would get an ‘older’ puppy, in the 4-8 month old range. Still young, still puppy-cute, but generally over a lot of the difficult younger puppy behavior.

    It also very much helps to add a puppy to a home with an established dog. Excellent for daily socialization and the puppy can learn so much from the older dog!

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