Exotic Birds… in the ‘Burbs?

Imagine if you saw this big guy hanging out in your backyard.


Yep, that’s what people have been seeing in my area for the last two months. This handsome bird finally came in as a stray after being sited in local neighborhoods. I honestly had never seen one of these beautiful birds up close – he is really stunning!

peacock1Off to rescue he will go. It sure isn’t every day when you walk into work to see this!

9 thoughts on “Exotic Birds… in the ‘Burbs?

  1. buddha9801

    How awesome! Peacocks are such amazing, beautiful birds. I can’t imagine seeing one walking around the neighborhood though!

  2. shelleymullins

    The farm behind us (Reed farm) used to have some. They made a noise like a baby screaming.


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  3. Wow! We have crazy wild turkey’s up here… but no peacocks!
    PS. So happy to hear Johnny got her perfect forever home! We’re a bit behind on commenting, but we’ve been reading along!

  4. I see them every now and then in this one area of my town. I am assuming they are someone’s pets, but it’s weird to see them! Beautiful birds.

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