Pups and Pints and Everything Nice

If you’ve been following the blog for its entire life (about a year and a half) you probably know by now how much I love what I do. I basically get to plan really fun events for people and their dogs, all to raise money for homeless animals. Everything from holiday themed parties to adoption events at microbreweries to fundraisers on rooftop bars, for the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of putting my creativity to work to help animals.

Most recently, we teamed up with a fabulous sponsor to hold a new event that we named Pups & Pints. The sponsor, Bone Jour, knew a local restaurant owner who was interested in holding a fundraiser for the Humane Society (which is usually how awesome events like this get started). A few planning meetings later and we had an outdoor party featuring a band, beer and free stuff – all with your dog. Sounds like the best event ever, right?

On top of all that, the band that The Irish Inn (the generous restaurant) booked to play is actually one of my all time favorite local groups. I first saw The 19th Street Band about a year ago and instantly fell in love when they did back to back covers of Sublime, Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons.  When I found out that they were going to be donating their time to this event I could not contain my excitement. Yes at their shows I am that fan dancing the night away on the dance floor even when no one else is out there!

As with any event you’re putting together for the first time, the unknown about how many people are going to show up is really terrifying. For the first ten minutes of the event I was convinced no one was coming. Then all of a sudden it was like everyone got off work at the same time and came over, and it became packed! Whew!


The evening ended up being full of laughing, dancing, drinking (not me of course :-)), singing and celebrating the success that the event was for homeless animals. The dogs didn’t even seem to mind the music! Thanks to the efforts of The Irish Inn, Bone Jour and The 19th Street Band we raised a ton of money for shelter animals.  If you enjoy supporting your local organizations, I suggest you head over to their websites and see what they’ve got planned for this summer – after all, “event season” is in full swing!

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Happy Friday, y’all!

4 thoughts on “Pups and Pints and Everything Nice

  1. Congrats! We’ve ridden by The Irish Inn a bunch of times but never stopped to check it out. And I actually was thinking about going to this event but the sprained ankle has kept me from doing much of anything outside the house. Really glad to see MCHS doing more events like this!

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