Life Lessons From Johnnie

Living with Johnnie for ten weeks taught us more about life than we could have ever imagined. It’s crazy how dogs can teach us humans such great lessons completely unintentionally just by being their present-minded little canine selves. These are some of the best lessons Johnnie Cash left for us:

1.  Live in the moment.

4photo 3 2photo 5 2photo 3


2. Be cute enough that you can get away with anything.


mark53photo 4 4photo 1

3. Never lose your desire for adventure and discovering new things.

2photo 2



4. Nothing is so important that you can’t spend a few hours in the sun.

3photo 3 1photo 4 1photo 3 1photo 2

5.  Try to find someone to share the things you love with.

3photo 2



6. Making sure you get enough sleep should be a top priority.

photo 1

1photo 1


7. Look for the positive in everything.

smile2 01

photo 2

8.  Be sure to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.


Mom01photo 5 photo 4 3photo 5 2photo 49. When in doubt, grab a toy (or the closest resemblance to one. . . ).

4photo 2


3photo 1photo 303

10. You might miss your goal the first time, but don’t give up because one of these times you will make it.

toy01 toy03We knew she was a wise dog!

8 thoughts on “Life Lessons From Johnnie

  1. cj

    I will miss Johnnie very much. I loved hearing about her adventures and I simply adored the pictures of her. My favorite is the one where she’s asleep sitting up in the back of the car. That’s so dear.

  2. faithtrustfosterpups

    This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your foster journey with Johnnie for all of us to learn from!

  3. Wow, I stop reading blogs for a week because of finals and come back to the wonderful news that Johnnie is adopted!!! So happy to hear!! And she will always have you to thank for giving her a second chance. Congrats!!! Can’t wait for the next adventure…

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