Breaking News: I’m a Water Dog!

A few weeks ago my foster mama shared with you some pictures of me in the water not looking too hot. I had just fallen right in and got startled and immediately put on my Eeyore face because I didn’t know what was going on. She thought I would never like water again. Turns out she was wrong, which she discovered on an especially hot day after an especially long run. I, Johnnie Cash, am a water dog.

swin01Not only do I enjoy the water, I actually SWIM!

swim08Okay so confession time: I actually will only get in if it’s really warm and I need to cool off or if I’m going after a ball. If it’s too cold out I am a bit of a wimp. But if I need to take a dip after a nice run, find me the closest creek and I’m in!

swim05swim07 swim03 swim02 swim04Am I the cutest ever or what? Does anyone else have a pup who loves to swim?


9 thoughts on “Breaking News: I’m a Water Dog!

  1. Karen

    Yes Johnnie, you are the cutest pup ever! I just love these pic’s of you swimming! It looks like you are having a blast! You are the cutest swimmer ever too!! I have a cat and she does not like the water! Have a great day and hopefully you can go swimming again soon!! xoxo

  2. Very nice pics! Where do you take her swimming in this area? I’d like to take the two puppies but still haven’t found anywhere within a reasonable driving distance….

  3. My foster, a pit bull type dog, looooooves to swim and my two lab mixes barely get in! It’s pretty funny to watch them all at the lake together. Good for Johnnie!

  4. My beagle mix wants nothing to do with the water, although I’ve read that’s typical of beagles. I would totally get her a little kiddie pool for the backyard if she would use it, but she’d rather sunbathe ;)

    Johnnie is such a cute swimmer, though!

  5. maddeelou

    Baxter loves to swim. He bounds through the water like a gazelle. We live very close to a river (it was actually in my front yard last week…) so he gets lots of opportunities for water fun.

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