Caption These

Our favorite submissions will be featured on our Facebook page this weekend!




caption03Happy Friday, my creative friends!

To adopt the goofball Johnnie Cash, check out her Adopt Me! page.

11 thoughts on “Caption These

  1. Katherine

    1. “And Johnnie blocks Charlie, allowing the play to continue”
    2. Noooo! you can’t look yet!
    3. Johnnie “yo Charlie, that look isn’t gonna work on my fostermama”
    They both are adorable!!

  2. 1. And this is what a Bull does at the Rodeo.
    2. You can’t see me and I’m not touching you.
    3. You have a crumb on your mouth and I’m gonna lick it off for you.

  3. Lynnie

    1. Dance rehearsal at the Bolshoi Canine Ballet
    2. Honey, cover your eyes, it’s too horrible to see!!!!!!!
    3. He just ate WHAT?! (Charlie)
    MMmmm (Johnnie)

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