Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Who do these two remind you of?

lionking01These two love birds, perhaps?

canyou2I think Johnnie and Charlie might actually be the cutest pair ever.

lionking03 lionking02They’ll be back tomorrow for a silly post as I gear up for work’s biggest event of the year, Paws in the Park, on Sunday. Pending the event going off smoothly, I’ll be back Monday talking all things Johnnie. In the mean time, I hope you’ve enjoyed your half-week of J & C.


To adopt Johnnie Cash & help find her another boyfriend, check out her Adopt Me page.

7 thoughts on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight

  1. Awws.. they are so cute. I wanted to drop by and let you know that I’ve given you the WP family award..please click the link to claim it (it goes to my award page). I love the coverage of Johnnie and I’ve learned a lot about dog training and the patience it takes to have a wonderful dog. Thank you so much for sharing and good luck to Miss Johnnie Cash on getting a forever home.

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