Tutu Tuesday

When we came out from under our rock and stumbled across our friends over at Pitlandia‘s Little Bow Pup shop, we knew we had struck gold. I cannot even tell you how long I have been looking for the perfect doggy tutu, and I discovered that Little Bow Pup had some really awesome ones.  I could tell from the online photos that this particular style of theirs was easy to put on and take off and had the exact costume effect I was going for: an extra splash of color and girly-ness without being a whole “to do.” I immediately ordered one for Miss Cash in her favorite girly colors.

02I like outfits like this for a couple reasons (shocking, I know). One, of course, if for extra adorableness in photos for the blog. But the other is for extra attention while out in public. No one – and I mean no one – can resist a dog wearing a tutu!  Even just for the sake of strangers realizing she is a girl, the tutu is a fabulous addition to our special outings.

03Another thing that I really love about this tutu is how it helps children relate to Johnnie. At an adoption event this past weekend, nearly every kid was saw exclaimed, “Look at the doggy wearing a tutu!” They were much more excited to meet Johnnie than any of the other dogs at the event because she was wearing a tutu in a color that often matched their own outfits. We even had one little girl who was pretty fearful of dogs ask to toss Johnnie a treat. Johnnie, lover of all two-leggers, was happy to show off her skills at catching treats in the air to make the nervous girl giggle.  So even if the tutu was “a little much” for my poor tomboy of a dog, the response we got was totally worth it, as you can see!

So thank you, Little Bow Pup, for the new addition to J’s wardrobe! We love it!

01To adopt Johnnie Cash the ballerina-bull, check out her Adopt Me page.

8 thoughts on “Tutu Tuesday

  1. What a beautiful idea. I would love to meet a dog on a tutu. She is so pretty. I’m glad she got to meet people and helped a nervous little girl. I wish there were programs that could have helped me get over my fear of dogs when I was little. Do you think miss cash could be a therapy dog one day?

  2. Foster Dad

    Sorry Foster Mom does things like this to you when I’m not around to stop it Johnnie. You’re very good at putting up with her.

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