Johnnie’s Happy Snow Dance

We had a surprise snow day on Monday. Well, snow day in the sense that it snowed, not in the “get off work and snuggle under the covers all day” way.  It turns out that Johnnie Cash absolutely L-O-V-E-S the snow. I’m not sure if it’s the crispness of the air or the way the snow feels between her toes or the fact that there’s something to put in her mouth everywhere she looks, but Johnnie absolutely loses it in joyous bunny hops when it snows.

A few weeks ago I probably would have dreaded snow because it would mean that Johnnie would go into hyper over-stimulated mode and lose her marbles at the first sight of it. Monday, however, she was able to play and enjoy it in an extremely healthy and safe way! Thanks to how much we have worked on teaching her how to moderate her own energy levels, Johnnie’s brain seems to be reprogramming itself. She is much more capable of coming down from a burst of crazies to a normal, focused level. We still make a strong effort to never let her get to the point where she is extremely over-stimulated or “stressed up” – so between that and how versed she is getting at refocusing at a moment’s notice, Johnnie has become quite the pro at appropriate play.  Don’t get me wrong, she still has her moments – but they’re much less frequent.

Check out both her joyful, bouncy mode and her adorable, “pose calmly for the camera” mode. . . all in a snow day’s work!

snow1 snow2


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