Siriusly Stylin’

We admit this post is a little late, as you’ve probably seen Johnnie’s new threads pop up in our pictures the last few days – but we needed to officially share: our pretty pup is now donning some fabulous new accessories! Before we even brought J home we went straight to the Sirius Republic website in search of the perfect collar for her. After lots of back-and-forth, we finally chose this Billie one because it was feminine enough to stick up for her tomboy name, but not too over the top girly. It was perfect for our little Johnnie.

sirius01 sirius02


And of course we had to get her a snood as well. We chose this red roses one to continue with her girly yet not obnoxious color scheme. I LOVE this snood on her. . . it’s the perfect compromise for chilly days where both of us are too lazy to put her in a coat! Or when it’s so cold we need the snood AND the coat.

snood01 snood02 snood03


Thanks, Sirius Republic, for another awesome addition to our foster dog wardrobe!

To adopt your very own snood wearing, fashion forward Johnnie Cash, email

12 thoughts on “Siriusly Stylin’

  1. I just recently got my very first S.R. collar for one of my fosters. I must say, it really makes him super handsome :) He’s a husky mix, so I sort of feel left out of all the snood and dog coat fun, but that’s ok — I’m sort of glad I don’t have one more thing to prepare for before walks!

  2. I’ve never seen a snood for dogs, but I know what I’m going to do today during lunch! Our pit loathes being cold and we spend a lot of time wrestling her in and out of coats and sweatshirts in the dark. This sounds like a fantastic and classy way to keep the little girl snuggly. Sirius Republic, here I come!

  3. cj

    Sirius Republic makes the nicest collars- I’ve ordered them for the dogs I sponsor and my deaf pittie is sporting a new collar as well as a snood. She loves that snood! I had to get her one after seeing the cammo one on Charlie. And I love that a portion of their profits goes towards rescue organizations.

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