Superbowl Sundayyyy!

Even though my beloved Redskins didn’t make it into the Super Bowl, it was still quite the exciting games with the Ravens in it! I’ll take any Maryland team making the big game! Besides, the Ravens has a very special former UMD player on their team, which gives me another reason to happily root for them all season.

Terrapin alum and current Ravens superstar Torrey Smith has two pit bull dogs, one of which he adopted from the Baltimore animal shelter, BARCS! He is constantly on social media spreading the word about adoption, and one day even put out a specific appeal for a group of pups at BARCS who needed help, receiving hundreds of offers from his fans to take them in.

Photo credit to Leo Howard Lubow and the Show Your Soft Side Campaign.

Photo credit to Leo Howard Lubow and the Show Your Soft Side Campaign.

When Baxter was with me last year he supported football and his Terps, so I’m sure he’d be rooting for Torrey & the Ravens as well!

sniff football

5 thoughts on “Superbowl Sundayyyy!

  1. peaceabull

    My little Ray-Ray was wearing his Ravens collar and enjoying the game with the whole family. We love us some Torrey Smith, but obviously we named our dog after another Raven (or two.)

  2. Karen Wagner

    Even though I’m a PACKER FAN… I was rooting for the Raven’s last night and glad that they won! Like these pic’s too! Glad that Torrey Smith is promoting pet adoption…that’s great! Have a great week everyone! xoxo

  3. Janet in Cambridge

    I think that Bax thinks this is a little alien spaceship that has landed and that other, little pitties will shortly be disembarking.

  4. I’m with ya man. Love my Skins and didn’t really have any skin in the game last night. Just rooting for a close game and got that, but as a Terp alum, loved watching Vernon Davis and Torrey Smith on the big stage! Go Terps!

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