Remember That Time I Said “Adventure”?

It seems Charlie had other plans, or maybe my three-day weekend induced laziness just rubbed off on him. Ever since about 7:30 pm Sunday, Charlie and I have been nothing but a pile of cat napping blobs. The temperatures plummeted Sunday night, so between that and the fact that we had roughly nothing on the agenda Monday, we found it completely reasonable to stay in our pajamas for the majority of the day (well, me in my pjs and Charlie is in his Snood).


There aren’t many things better than a dog who follows you around and sleeps whenever you stop moving. Charlie decided to grace me with the old man side of his personality for this stay, as opposed to the puppy side that his mom tells me is quite rambunctious. I wouldn’t have minded the puppy side, but getting to lay low on a day off is so welcomed!

sleep2 sleep3 sleep4 sleep5 sleep6

Hope you all had a nice day off work if you were lucky enough to have the holiday!  For those of you who didn’t get the day off, sorry for rubbing it in :-).

6 thoughts on “Remember That Time I Said “Adventure”?

  1. Foster Dad

    I’m sure his forever home will be thrilled he rested all weekend and will be 110% energy when he comes home. Wish I was around to see him, but speaking of drop in tempature… Its a warm summer day where I am!

  2. Karen Wagner

    Aww…what a little snuggle bug! He is just the cutest little guy! That’s nice both of you could just relax for the day! We all need that sometimes. It’s very, very cold here in WI so I can understand why you would want to stay indoors too! Pretty much single digit’s first part of this week:( Wonder where Foster Dad is that he’s some place warm and sunny??? Have a great day everyone! xoxo

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