Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

Otis here. I know you’re technically my former-fosterGREATgrandma, but do you mind if we just keep it to Grandma for this? My brain is full of lots of worries and concerns about all sorts of things, so keeping track of that long name is a lot for my little neurons.

My former-foster mama mentioned you weren’t feeling well and I decided I’d write you a letter because she always used to talk about the fantastic esnails you would send her about me and my journey, since you keep up so well with my bloggies and all. I felt like I got to know you through all the messages she would relay to me. I remember the first one you ever sent us:

“Dear Otis:
You’re a very lucky little doggie. I know you miss your box now and then but with your foster mom you won’t really wont one ’cause she is very understanding and really tuned in to doggie wants and needs, be they a bit of a cuddle or a bit of alone time or maybe just a bit of just us two and a walk time. She’s kinda clairvoyant that way which makes it nice and relaxing. You see I know a little bit about her. I held her for the first time when she was a itty bitty baby just 4 hours old. Your F/GM, F/M and me F/GGM used to do a lot together until I moved when your F/M was 4. We caught up with each other about 4 years ago and she is sweeter than ever and if I come back as a dog in my next life I want either Aunt Lynnie or your foster mom to own me.

Here’s a tummy rub & an ear scratch,
Foster great grandma jean”

Every time you sent a esnail she would read it to me. I would sit there and listen and wag my big thumpy tail – not necessarily because I understood what she was saying, but because as she read it the smile on her face would get bigger and bigger. After some esnails she would start to tell me stories about when the two of you finally got to spend some time together about four years ago. You, she and my former-foster aunt all hung out on a deck by this river and just enjoyed each other’s company:


My former-foster mama says that trip to the left coast to visit you and aunt Lynnie was one of the best trips she’s ever taken. She talks about how it was nice to catch up with her MePollyBeachfamily, because she hadn’t seen you in a long time. I know how that feels – now that I don’t live with my former-foster mama anymore it’s nice to see her every once in a while. From what I hear, it sounds like you all shared many laughs and even took an adventure to Yachats, a beach town that had almost as many pups as there were humans.

She told me about how different it was getting to know you when she was an adult and not a little kid. She says you’re really MeGrandma1funny – widdy is what she called it – and that you must be where her own mama got all her charm and spunk.

She mentioned that you love animals, especially doggies like myself. When she was in Oregon those years back, the three of you hung out with a pretty pooch named Polly. Now, I can see why you would like a dog like Polly because her furs are so shiny white and her eyes are full MePollyof intelligence. I would love to have joined her to visit you at your apartment to show you both how handsome my own furs are, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I know we have never met, Grandma, but I wanted to let you know that I feel like we have.  The way my former-foster mama sparkles when she talks about you is reason enough for me to call you my Grandma. She says your generosity and caringness are two things I should take note of, I think because of my tendency to take up too much of the couch and not be aware of my drool. . .


I really hope you feel better soon. Former-foster mama really wants to go visit you this spring, and I’d love to hear her stories from that too! In the mean time, I hear you are getting a visit from my former fosterG. She is just great, so I know you will have fun together.

Many face licks,







Honey Bunches of Otis (& Jana)

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