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  1. Barbara

    I made my first visit to Europe by way of a Mediterranean Cruise which was unbelievably the most wonderful and unforgettable trip I had ever experienced. I am a retired geography teacher who dreamed of visiting the very countries that were taught in class and in September 2010 I had a chance to fulfill part of my dream. On a cruise I visited Italy/Cicily, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. Although a cruise does not provide an opportunity for extended stay, I was at least able to spend enough time to thoroughly enjoy some exciting time at each country. While visiting Greece, I was unaware of the dog population so as I was making the walk up the Acropolis I was delightfully surprise to see all the dogs. I was amazed and wondering where did they all come from? I noticed that for the most part they ignored the tourist and tourist ignored them. But I remained intrigued. Obviously there calmness and comfort being around strangers were indicators that they have been in this environment for a long time. Although I walked among them as I watched my step on the stones while at the same time being very careful to step over the dogs – being careful not to disturb their sleep or rest. They seem so peaceful but not unhappy or Hungary, they were not begging. But I wondered about their existence, how are they surviving. They didn’t look emaciated, so I wondered how they ate or where they would go for shelter. I was so sad and worried, but knew that someone could explain this unexpected phenomenon. After we left this site we visited another historical site. Upon entering I noticed a couple of dogs, but this time they were hanging around the entrance to the site. I finally got up the nerve to ask someone about the dogs, fearful that I would hear bad news something like “…the dogs roam around until they starve to death or until the government gathers them and kills them.”, I had avoided asking about them. Well to my surprise and delight I was told a great story about how everyone shares in the taking care of the street dogs. After hearing this story I forever fell in love with Greece. Shortly after I left Greece in 2010, I viewed a great deal of news about Greece’s economic situation. With so much financial devastation throughout the country, I wondered if the dogs were still being cared for. Of course the care of the people is certainly a priority, but I hoped in some way the people could still care for their loving community animals. When I came back to my home here in the US, I often thought about if I had the money I would go back to Greece and make financial contributions to help with the care of all the stray animals.
    I have an insatiable love for dogs. Seeing the dogs and understanding how this country of people takes care of them added to my unforgettable trip to Greece. I love Greece and all the dogs they love.

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