Otie’s Christmas List

I absolutely love the Holiday season for many reasons, but mostly because of the presents. No, not because of the presents I receive, but because of the presents I get to GIVE.  I spend hours browsing online websites or stores in the mall looking for the perfect gifts for the special people in my life.  I can’t wait to do gift exchanges to see how my friends and family like what I’ve picked out for them.

So I got to thinking about what someone special in particular would want: Otis. If Otis and I could exchange gifts like everyone else, what would I get him that would make him squeal in excitement like I’m hoping my gifts for others will do? Here are my guesses:

1.   Unlimited bully sticks (that’s a no brainer for any dog, right?)

2.   A personal body guard to keep him safe from all the big bad things in the world. . . aka the gust of wind that just blew outside

3.  Access to my bed (he doesn’t get that right now)

4.   A drool catcher. I’m not sure this is designed yet, but if I could get one for Otis he would be set for life. We could water an entire garden for a year with the amount of saliva that dog produces.

5.  A personal tracker for his humans, equipped with a GPS for instant information on their whereabouts and when they are set to arrive home.

6.  A dog bed that supports his tendencies to sleep upside down.

7.   Every meal mixed with left over gravy or beef stew, courtesy of former-FosterGrandma.

8.  A personal itcher for all those hard to reach locations that humans neglect to constantly scratch for him.

9.  A lifetime supply of the biscuits that my coworker b j gives him every morning when we go to work together.

10.  Lots of peanut butter stuffed Kongs – but not for him, for all of his friends who are still in the shelter (he is a very generous pup and I know he would want that).

I wish I can give him all these things, but I’ll probably have to settle with just a lot of snuggles and head rubs, which I’m sure he will be just fine with anyway.

If you could give your pup anything for the Holidays, what would it be?!


5 thoughts on “Otie’s Christmas List

  1. Karen Wagner

    LOL…what a stunner he is! That “serious” face crack’s me up every time! I don’t have a dog but I do have a cat and I know she love’s her Kong kickeroo! She’ll toss it around and actually “hug” it…it’s so cute to watch her do that. She need’s a new one and that is what Santa will bring her! Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs/kisses to Otis for me! Love his Christmas collar..that is so cute on him!LOL xoxo

  2. I know Corbee would really love a foster sister, since our lives haven’t been calm or routine enough to allow one recently. Hopefully he’ll be recovered from today’s surgery to have one in time for Christmas!
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

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