Two Female Pit Bulls Walk into a Shelter. . .

. . . and are told they cannot be adopted together because same-sex pairs never work.

Here at Peace, Love & Fostering we are not a fan of stereotypes, strict guidelines, or inflexible restrictions that stand between finding a dog the perfect home. We believe in having a conversation with adopters, being open to trying new things, seeing what works for each dog as an individual, and using the things we observe to make judgement calls.

These two girlys were adopted into the same family about two years apart from each other.  Ayla, the sweet white dog, has been living with her new sister Gigi for around a month now and is loving her new life. They play together and snuggle and even share toys. Lucky Ayla for finding such a sweet spot to land!





Do you have two same-sex “pit bull” dogs in your family? We’d love to hear about it or even see some photos! Head over to the PLF Facebook page and upload your picture to our wall.

Have a great weekend, friends.

14 thoughts on “Two Female Pit Bulls Walk into a Shelter. . .

  1. I’m not supposed to be living with cats either, but here I am, being smacked around by one on a regular basis. I’m with ya- this putting everything into nice neat boxes is helpful in some cases, but when we have as many animals needing homes as we do, it’s time to get creative.

  2. Karen Wagner

    These two are just beautiful! I’m so happy they have each other…just make’s my day. I’m so thankful they have such a wonderful family and vice versa! Have a great weekend too! xoxo

  3. Laura S

    Agh I sooo dislike when there are generalizations like this! We have two male dogs, one is a 5 1/2 year young little puggle and the other is a 3 year young rough and tough 75 pound rambunctious pittie…and you know what?!? They’re brothers and bffs! We are so glad that we brought ANOTHER male into our home. I <3 our boys!

  4. Diana Ritter

    I agree. Assessing each dog and each situation will yield the best fit. However, those girls do seem to be having difficulty figuring out how to use the hot tub!

  5. We’ve got two boys in our household as well. Inseparable and have never had issues. Wouldn’t have it any other way! :) Every dog, family, home is different so why would there be definitive rules saying who can live where… psh. :)

  6. Really? I would think it would depend on the dog. Some get along with others and some don’t as well. Why make a snap judgment before even finding out what will work? Why turn away a potentially awesome adopter? It’s just too bad. Luckily these two beautiful girls didn’t miss out!

  7. Trish

    I totally agree with you – it really depends on the individual dogs. I know a lot of rescues set up these rules as a way to protect the dogs and the breed from any potential problems and try to best set them up for success, but it can be limiting in getting a good home for many dogs. My Victoria lives with three boys of mixed breeds currently, but that was just by chance. She would be great with most dogs of any sex, pit or non-pit. She just has a great temperament and loves both dog and human companionship. And look no further than our friends Chick and Doodlebug – they are two peas in a pod. Let’s keep treating dogs as individuals and not paint them all with one brush. :)

  8. While my 2 are male and female, I had our foster female pittie(unfixed too) for 2 months with no issues at all. And Kaya is a fairly dominant dog who does not get along with all dogs but gender has never mattered. We also spent a week at my mom’s house with her female german shepherd who has pretty bad dog aggression and all 4 dogs got along great. Both the girls also get along great with my brother’s female pit bull who is very hyper, bossy and rough-playing.

    Oh on top of all that, I live in a studio apartment with a cat and a kitten so there were no separation options, everyone was just one big happy cuddly family:) I have never seen a reason why this should not be based on dogs as individuals like anything else!

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