Just Another Political Ad

Raise your hand if you’re SO HAPPY that election day is over and we can stop listening, watching and reading political advertisements? I know I sure am.  No matter who you wanted to win, the fact of the matter now is that it’s over and we can move on with our lives instead of being continuously bombarded with political banter all day on social media.

I appreciate my friends’ efforts when they share their beliefs about what is right (so, basically who they think I should vote for). But I found that more often than not, their comments just came off as accusatory or derogatory in a, “It’s only obvious that you should vote for ________ because of X, Y and Z,” sort of way.

I started to realize that all the opinionated, obnoxious political blabbering had some similarities to the messages that rescue organizations or advocates sometimes send out. Animal welfare advocates can at times be pushy, pointing fingers, or just plain mean. All because one person believes they’re much more correct than another person/group. Sound familiar? Presidential election, anyone?

Now I can admit fault for this as well.  Specifically when it comes to social media, I try to tone down how much I preach on the Peace, Love & Fostering page – but I sometimes get carried away on my own personal page (hey, ranting is what Facebook is for, right?). But overall, I’m a laid back, non-confrontational, why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along sort of person. Sure, I might not agree with you – but I’m very much the “catch ’em with honey, not vinegar” type. Which is why spiteful, accusing political ads bug me just as much as “my way is the best way” rescue groups.

On that note, I believe there is a major difference between educating on an issue versus just slamming the other side. You might be thinking right now, “Juliana, you can come off as opinionated and pushy in your beliefs right here on this blog.” First of all, sorry if I seem pushy. Second of all, yes, I have this public platform and I try to use it to spread ideas, but my intent is to do so in an educational way, not in a pushy or demanding way. I wouldn’t turn down someone trying to have a calm, intelligent discussion with me about something I write about. In fact, I welcome that because I truly believe you learn the most when you’re being open minded. Which is why I hate politics season so much. I haven’t once felt like someone was honestly just trying to educate me on either candidate, as opposed to just saying, “He’s wrong and he’s right” in so many words. The same goes for dogs and rescue work. If you disagree with something I believe or I’m doing, explain to me why you don’t like it or what a good alternative would be. Let’s have an honest conversation. Maybe we’ll both learn something.

I suppose the joke’s on me for spending a whole post ranting about politics, right? Well my point is just: try not to be a political ad, but maybe be more of a kind-hearted PSA.

Baxter in his finest USA gear. Thank you for all your well wishes on yesterday’s post. Baxter is steadily recovering, and by now should be home resting with his family. We will keep you updated as we hear more.

3 thoughts on “Just Another Political Ad

  1. Karen Wagner

    I don’t think you’ve ever come across as pushy…I think you just say it like it is but always in a respectful, knowledgeable way. Glad to hear Baxter is improving…all of us were so worried about him. Love that picture of him…he is just the most handsome boy! Tell his parent’s too that we’re happy he’s doing better! Have a great day everyone! xoxo

  2. Wendy

    I have been reading your blog for several months now, I’ve never seen you be pushy about stuff. It all sounds educational to me. :)

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