A Record Breaking Community Pit Bull Day

Like I briefly mentioned on Tuesday, I finally got the opportunity to volunteer at one of B-More Dog‘s Community Pit Bull Days last weekend. B-More Dog holds these events once a month to provide free or low cost vaccinations to dog owners in generally low income communities. As well as the vaccinations, B-More Dog schedules free spays and neuters for “pit bull” dogs, does a leash and collar exchange, and gives general wellness advice at these events. Working directly towards their mission of promoting responsible pet ownership, B-More Dog takes it as an opportunity to connect with the community and help those who might not have the resources or sometimes even the knowledge to provide their dogs with the care they need.

For these types of events, you can’t just put information out on social media and expect for your target audience to show up. B-More Dog went into the community and put up flyers, went door to door, and used word of mouth spread the news. That’s more effective to reach who you want, as evidenced by the amount of people and dogs that came.

From what I understand, this weekend’s event was record breaking with a total of 91 dogs vaccinated, and 23 (24?) spay/neuters scheduled! I can report that it is an utterly exhausting six hours – but it is so, so worth it.  I was lucky in that I spent most of my time at the “photo booth” capturing adorable images like this, and got spared some of the tougher stuff (dogs in very poor health, etc.).

For the most part, I got the impression that the people we helped loved their dogs as part of the family, and were extremely grateful that we gave them the opportunity to care for them properly.

Look at the collars we received back from the leash and collar exchange! Yes, there are a few chains in there. The way this works is they give us their old collars or whatever they’re using, and we give them a brand new leash and collar set. These are the types of things B-More Dog raises money for: to buy the new leashes and collars, in addition to of course covering the vaccinations and the spay/neuters.

What an amazing day with an amazing group of people!

17 thoughts on “A Record Breaking Community Pit Bull Day

  1. Teresa

    I loved the pic of the little girl getting a big kiss from the “pittie” plus the one where they are giving the man’s dog a shot and how he is cradling the pup’s head. So nice to see. Great job on the pics!!!

  2. Love your blog!! What a great event. Just a question–this event was done at Armistand (spelling?) Gardens, correct? Isn’t that the housing community that a couple of months ago ordered all residents (terrible!!) to get rid of their pit bull type dogs? Just wondering if something with that changed–did the housing community change their minds or are the dog owners refusing to budge?

    • Unfortunately no, nothing has changed. These dog owners all still have their dogs and I imagine will until the bitter end. We heard some residents were afraid to bring their dogs to the event in fear of getting caught, but the day went on without issue. It would be pretty crappy for the housing folks to use an event where the owners are doing something extremely responsible as a way to incriminate them.

      • Valerie

        Here is an update. Armistead Gardens posted letters (randomly) on people’s door advising “effective immediately NO pit bulls ALLOWED!” The letter also states people who visit & have “these” dogs are unable to bring them on the premises. The letter goes on the say if the rules/laws/ or bylaws as Armistead calls them are not followed you will be evicted. It is complete and utter bologna! I believe I still have the letter. Thanks for everything ya’ll do :)

  3. Karen Wagner

    What a great program! You can tell all the people love their dog’s and vice versa! Some great pic’s once again and all the dog’s look so happy! So nice to see these! Thank you! xoxo

  4. Katie

    I work for a local health department and often work for our vaccination clinics held a few times a year. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing the kinds of collars/leashes people put their dogs on! A rope and a chain is not acceptable! So glad organizations like Bmore dog can provide this exchange opportunity!

    • That is great you help our at your vaccine clinics! There are a lot of things we see at these events that we wouldn’t consider “acceptable,” but that’s why we’re there – to help them become the dog owners they want to be. Many people can’t afford a real leash/collar, or they don’t realize why a chain is bad. This stuff seems like common sense to us, but we have to be open minded in order to help as much as we can. We make a point to go into these events judgement free. It usually means a very strong drink afterwards, but it makes all the difference when interacting with the residents.

      • Katie

        I always try to keep an open mind and realize that everyone is different and be happy that so many folks come out to get their animals vaccinated. I agree, a strong drink always helps!

  5. Wow, this is such a cool event. We need something like this so bad where I live. I think this is such a wonderful way to help with responsible pet ownership for those that either don’t understand or have the means to do so themselves. I would love to pick the brain of the person that started this, it’s so badly needed here in Florida, I would love to try and start something similar. Do you think Bmore would be willing to speak with someone in FL?

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