15 Seconds of Fame with “Pit Bull” Dogs

I’ve been on the news a number of times of times at this point in my career, and I’m finally getting comfortable with it. Usually it’s just bringing an adoptable dog or cat to the station for a quick 45 second clip. Yesterday, however, our shelter got the opportunity to do a much longer, more involved program with a local station’s morning news reporter. We covered a few topics including our upcoming gala, adopting senior pets, and “pit bull” dogs. Being that I’ve been on camera plenty of times and I’m the resident pittie lover, I stepped up to talk with Holly about “pit bull” dogs.

It’s funny how you can basically eat, sleep, and breathe a topic, and still not know exactly what to say when put on the spot. You’ll see in the video that the anchor came on full force with pit bull myths – yikes – so I went heavily in the direction of lumping “pit bull” dogs in with all the other just dogs.  Shooting live always ends up being the type of situation where you don’t really know quite what you’re saying until after it’s over, and when you look back you probably would have said a whole bunch of stuff differently – but you can only prepare yourself so much.  I think today turned out well, even if I – as always – wish I could have a do-over.  At the very least Thelma, Louise and Angel were extremely well behaved camera stars! Maybe they will even get some adoption interest from their time in the spotlight (hint hint: that means you, reader who is looking for an awesome dog to add to their family!).

Holly Morris, the reporter, is an amazing supporter of our shelter, and she loved each dog we brought out. We’re so lucky to have media folks on our side, especially with the “pit bull” dogs issue.

See the video on Fox5’s website!

8 thoughts on “15 Seconds of Fame with “Pit Bull” Dogs

  1. Narda

    Juliana, you did a wonderful job! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You and the reporter make a good pair of advocates. I hope there are some inquiries about the gorgeous pups that got showcased. Way to go!!!

  2. I thought you did a great job too! It’s true I think I could write a 10 page essay on the topic, but I am sure I would be tongue-tied if question in an interview, esp. on live TV! Plus, those adorable dogs were verrry distracting:)

  3. Brittany

    You did a great job! I feel like I’m forever repeating that pit bulls are JUST DOGS! My dog is fawn brindle with a dark face and I often have to explain that it’s just his coloring, it doesn’t mean anything about his personality. He’s not a violent criminal mastermind, he’s a dog!

  4. Karen Wagner

    I watched the whole video and you did a fantastic job! I can’t imagine how hard it is when people throw question’s at ya like that but you did great! You really did!!! Love the pup’s….they’re beautiful! xoxo

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