See What Happens at a Pit Bull Event

Take a look at what happened during this event with lots of “pit bull” dogs:

Did you see it? No? That’s probably because there was really nothing out of the ordinary to see! This celebration of Pit Bull Awareness Day on Sunday afternoon was just a bunch of dogs and humans hanging out having a great time, like any other dog event. No special rules because there were “pit bull” dogs, no crazy catastrophes – just simple dog/owner courtesy and fun filled Halloween fundraising games. Congrats to Bully Paws for pulling off such a great event to bring these dog lovers together!

Oh, and that cutie patootie in the rainbow collar who you also saw in yesterday’s post? That’s Charlie. He’s available through Jasmine’s House. I am in LOVE (how can you not be with a face like that?). Learn more about him on the Jasmine’s House website!

11 thoughts on “See What Happens at a Pit Bull Event

  1. Nathalie Buckner

    Thank you for sharing Bully Paws events It was wonderful time to meet all the rescues.It was a beautiful day to have it. The dogs and the people were awesome.

  2. Karen Wagner

    Just LOVE these pic’s! What a great event! I’m in love too…Charlie is an absolute doll! That little boy is just beaming because he get’s to pet Charlie…so cute!! Thanks for these wonderful pic’s! xoxo

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