Spoiled Rotten

For those of you who don’t know, Joanie’s full name is Joanie Rotten. In the words of Jasmine’s House, this is how her name came to be:

“Johnny Rotten was the lead singer of The Sex Pistols, a 70’s UK punk rock band responsible for initiating the punk movement in the United Kingdom and inspiring many later punk and alternative rock musicians. They are regarded as one of the most influential acts in the history of popular music. Joanie Rotten got her name because she reminded us of the kind of perseverance, leadership and influence this band had on music history. She’s a tough, beautiful lady. She’s got swagger, she’s cool under pressure, and she’s wagging her tail in the face of all the opposition she’s faced. She’s gonna make a difference, be an inspiration and change perceptions, just like Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols did.”

She fits the name pretty well, wouldn’t you say? While I LOVE this description, I’d venture to say she ended up with “Rotten” in her name for another reason too: because she’s got a way of making her humans SPOIL her rotten!

We have a pretty strict ‘no animals on the furniture’ rule. We bend the rule for some dogs – like Zabora and Otis – but only on one specific couch and only if that couch has protective covering. Well, as you can imagine, Joanie made her way on to the couch the first night. No surprise there. What I didn’t expect to happen is that she’d win both me and my Mom over to make it up on our beds too! I came home from work the other day to this sight:

Yes, that is Joanie taking a nap with my Mama, ON the bed. Naturally I couldn’t be the mean one and not let her on mine, so later that night, this is where Joanie ended up. . .

For the sake of not having her foster parents hate me for spoiling all the manners out of her, Joanie still spends the nights in her crate. During the day, though, you can probably find her on either a bed or the couch, snoozing away (or just looking really cute).

Can’t say I mind having this snuggle bug accessible for nap time cuddles!

If you’re interested in learning more about adopting Joanie, email me at peacelovefoster@gmail.com or fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website.

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