Who you calling ‘Less Adoptable’!?

Petfinder runs a promotion in September called “Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week.” They highlight pets who have factors that make them seem less adoptable for whatever reason: they have a disability, they’re old, they’re different, etc. According to Petfinder, Joanie should have the odds stacked against her because she is black, a pit bull dog, and a little older. The funny thing about it is that I think Joanie’s one of the most adoptable dogs I’ve ever fostered! I appreciate Petfinder’s efforts here, but labeling Joanie as “less adoptable” gives off the impression that she’s got something wrong with her, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Joanie would like everyone to know that her black fur might be dark and have some scars, but it’s soft and it loves a good scratch just like any other color. Joanie would also like everyone to know that her older age (only about five) gives her maturity, grace and wisdom that her puppy friends don’t have. Furthermore, Joanie would like to tell everyone that the fact that she’s got short, stubby appendages, some muscles hidden under all those curves, a big, blocky head, and cropped ears does NOT mean she is different from other dogs for any reason other than her own individual personality. She would appreciate it if you judged her by what you know about her, rather than what her looks might lead you to believe. And what you know about her (after reading this blog, at least) is that she is as sweet as honey and a total love bug!

So nobody around here is “less adoptable” than anyone else. Unique? Sure. Special? Definitely. Different? You bet. But if you ask me, those traits mixed with her stellar personality are all reasons why Joanie is SUPER adoptable.

“I am Joanie – a black, middle-aged, “pit bull” dog – and I am super adoptable.”

For more info on adopting Joanie, email me at peacelovefoster@gmail.com or fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website.

20 thoughts on “Who you calling ‘Less Adoptable’!?

  1. cj

    Thank you for a simply wonderful blog today: heart-felt, true, and beautiful. Just like Joanie. I’ll be saying prayers that she gets adopted soon. If I lived in your area I’d be checking out that gorgeous chunk. Her face is gorgeous! Such expressive eyes. xo

  2. There should be a love button! Joanie is absolutely precious and I know she’ll find a wonderful home with people who will love her for exactly what she is! A lot of “pit bull’s” would benefit if rescue organizations and shelters would stop labeling them with things like “less adoptable” or a “difficult placement”so people would realize they’re just like any other dog that needs a home; waiting for their perfect match to find them!

  3. Kate

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for this one! I don’t like that Petfinder marketing technique AT ALL. You are right, it does make it seem like there is something wrong or less than with any dog that gets placed in this category. Informed animal lovers will know that there is nothing wrong with having black fur, being deaf, or being a little bit older and wiser…they are already the ones that are adopting these perfectly ADOPTABLE dogs/cats anyway. Using this as a marketing technique for all the potential adopters that don’t know how awesome these types of dogs/cats can be is doing a disservice to the shelters and the animals. I would be interested to see statistics on Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week and see if it really increases adoptions. My guess? Probably not that much. Personally, I think “Diamond In The Rough” Week would be waaaaay better. Putting a positive spin on it is always a better way to promote the animals (in my opinion).

  4. Jen

    Thanks for all the wonderful words about one of my favorite girls – She truly is special and you’re right, someone is going to be very lucky to have her join their family.

  5. Wendy

    It always surprises me to read that black animals are less adoptable. I have had a black cat since I was a child. I love black cats and dogs. As for Joanie, if I wasn’t intent on fostering dogs right now, my application would have been submitted for her. I can’t imagine she isn’t going to be adopted super quickly.

  6. kristin flynn

    wow, what a beautiful girl!! i was showing her pictures to my 3 yr old explaining what adopting a pet meant and she took my hand and said this * mommy why is she alone? can we save that puppy?!* i told her i wish we could but that sweet puppy is too far away for us and we cant have a puppy where we live. she cries and said maybe next time… i hope that beauty finds the perfect family…

    kristin and marleigh flynn

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