Meet Joanie

As evidenced by how many of you guessed correctly on yesterday’s post, lots of you recognize our house guest for the week: it’s Joanie from Jasmine’s House!

Joanie found herself at BARCS, a shelter in Baltimore, this summer. She was in very rough shape, with essentially a hole in her nose all the way down to the bone. The wound was thought to be caused by an infection that ate away at her skin. You can see “before” photos on the Jasmine’s House Facebook page, but warning: they are graphic. The kind folks at BARCS and Jasmine’s House (and probably a ton others, but unfortunately I don’t know the whole story on this one – sorry!) came together to get her into a rescue group and receive the medical treatment she needed. I, like many others, followed her progress on Facebook and cheered her on through many small victories. She has come so far since those first photos from BARCS.

She ended up at my house for the week because her current foster is going out of town.  I am so excited to get to know this girl! So far, this is what I’ve observed: She’s SO sweet – seriously, she loves everyone. She’s got some chunk curves. She’s a bit stubborn, like a typical Elderbull.  She snores very, very loudly. She is crate trained. She will do almost anything for food. She might have some external damage to her nose, but it still works plenty fine. . . she loves to sniff!  She let’s you know when it’s time to play. She snorts like a little piggy while doing pretty much anything.  She’ll snuggle up on the couch with you for a good book and glass of wine any day.

Even though I’ve only had her for two days, I can already tell what an awesome family dog Joanie is. She is available for adoption, and would really love to find a forever home! If you’re looking for a laid back sweetheart, Joanie is your girl.

If you’re interested in meeting this gentle gal, head over to the Jasmine’s House website and fill out an application or shoot me an email at

12 thoughts on “Meet Joanie

  1. Niki & our beloved pibble Zeus

    What a beautiful girl! I hope it doesn’t take her long to find her forever home. Enjoy your week with her…she seems like an awesome dog to hang with. :)

  2. Karen Wagner

    Oh how nice for you to have her this week…she is a doll! She looks great and I had to crack up when you said she snores….so do I!LOL….she’s just precious! You two are going to have so much fun! xoxo

  3. Janet in Cambridge

    Joanie, I’m so glad you’ve healed so well. You are beautiful once again. I know there’s someone out there just waiting to find your picture and call to collect you. Kisses, and lot of hugs, on your beautiful face.

  4. Laura M

    Cute! So happy to hear she is doing better. Are you able to get a little video clip of her piggy snorts and snoring? Love to hear pitties snoring!

  5. Lynnie

    I’m curious about where she spent her first 4.5 years. Do you know?? She looks like she was a fighting dog. I hope that’s not true. Her eyes say she doesn’t have an aggressive bone, or even a defensive bone in her chunky, I mean curvey, body. I think she’s beautiful, too. How lucky you are to get to snuggle with her.

  6. @lynnie I know a little bit about her- not much and certainly not everything. I met Joanie a few times. She came into BARCS in Baltimore as an abandoned dog who had recently had puppies but was overweight so I’m guessing she was very recently abandoned, most abandoned dogs are thin. The scars on her face are from the infection she had on her nose, and while she had other scars on her body, there’s no way to tell what they are from. She is selective about other dogs but not aggressive. So there’s no reason to believe she was involved in dog fighting. She is sweet and snuggly.

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