The Return of Pittie Trails!

You might remember the dog walking group we (three others and I) started last winter, Pittie Trails. We created it to both exercise and train our pups in a controlled environment with other dogs. We have group rules to help keep everyone safe and happy, but most importantly the dogs are not allowed to greet each other. This means that all dogs – reactive, excitable, shy – can have the opportunity to walk with us without feeling any pressures to be social. Plus, then no human parents need to be embarrassed!

After a summer hiatus, we had our first informal walk last weekend. We only had four dogs; three of which were working hard on their manners. We went to trusty old Rachel Carson park, our usual walk location. It was the most gorgeous day of the year and I think a good time was had by all!

If you’re interested in participating in Pittie Trails, the best way to stay informed is to keep up with our Pittie Trails Facebook page. We try to meet for a walk once per month. We’re still trying to find good trails (very few people or other dogs) in the VA and Baltimore areas – so stay tuned. Remember that we allow all dogs, no matter what size, shape, or social ability, so come join us!

4 thoughts on “The Return of Pittie Trails!

  1. Karen Wagner

    That looks like so much fun! You really do alot of neat things:) Love the doggie pic’s too…all of em are so darn cute! How fun! Glad the day was so nice for all of you! xoxo

  2. That looks like such a fun time for training…without feeling like you’re training! Wish there was something where I lived like that. My dog, Hank, could benefit so much from that!

  3. That is brilliant! I need a group like this in my area. My pittie is just so exciteable (probably from not getting enough exercise! Maybe I’ll steal your idea and start a similar group here.

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