Happy Birthday, FosterDad!

Today is FosterDad’s birthday! Unfortunately we can’t spend it together because I am here at AFF and he is out of the country for work, so I wanted to do a little celebration on the blog. Happy Birthday to the man who is supportive of my fostering endeavors, often stuck behind the camera, usually picking up after me and my dog, understanding of (and joins me on) my crazy dog schedule, and happy to help me in whatever way he can. I couldn’t do this without you – so happy to be on this journey with my best friend!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, FosterDad!

  1. Lynnie

    Happy Birthday “Foster dad”. Great pic’s of you and the dogs. Wonderful appreciation for your best friend Jana. You are both fortunate to have each other, along with all those warm and fuzzy 4 legged’s.

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