Because It’s a Monday and You Need This

So. This happened at work last week.

As part of our efforts to help as many animals as possible, we have a dedicated foster program that tries to save underage babies who come into the shelter and need extra specialized care. Once they’re placed in foster homes,they are brought in for routine medical needs. On this day, fosters had brought in a litter of kittens and a litter of two week old bunnies. It just so happens that my coworker is adopting one of the kittens, so I told him I would take a few pictures of him.

When we realized the bunnies were in the building as well, we just couldn’t resist. . .

Could your Monday be any cuter?

11 thoughts on “Because It’s a Monday and You Need This

  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed! I just overslept and in my rush around the house I figured I would take 5 minutes to ‘check my blogs’ … so glad I did. Thanks for the unbearable cuteness!

  2. Dave

    That kitten is Otto. Actually his name is Otto Von Wolfgang Dracula….but that’s only when he is being bad. Mostly he’s just Otto. He may be half Ragdoll at most…but he came out of a regular domestic shorthair with Brown Torbie (Tabby with some Tortoiseshell) coloring. Nobody knows who daddy was, all of Otto’s littermates were very cute Brown tabbies or completely grey domestic shorthairs. He is an oddball and now he is MY oddball!

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