Celebrating Anna

While I was cheering for Otis as he went to his new home last week, dear friends of mine were saying a sad goodbye to their beautiful dog, Anna. Many of you met Anna on Friday when Chick so eloquently wrote about her, and now I’d like to write a bit. The nice thing about these blogs is that we can share wonderful dogs with hundreds of people who may never meet them in person, but now have the opportunity to get to know them through pictures and stories. Anna certainly deserves this little bit of spotlight I can give her.

I met Anna about a year ago. The first time I saw her I marveled at her spunk, shocked that she was 14 years old. Her fur was soft as silk, with a loving, gentle personality to match. At that time, we were in full swing prep mode for the shelter’s annual gala, and Anna’s mom is a big part of the committee – including letting us hold meetings at her house. There were many late nights setting up the auction with Anna right there with us. She probably knew more about those auction items than we did by the end of it.

It was so great having her and the rest of “The Pack” around during those long nights of preparation. Any time we needed a break, there they were for a snuggle and some kisses (though we let them keep the ear-licking to each other).

I had the privilege of photographing Anna and her mama a few weeks before she passed. That was the last time I ever saw this sweet girl, and even though she wasn’t feeling well she still greeted me with a happy wagging tail. She was a very special dog and will be missed dearly, though certainly not forgotten.  She lives on in the hearts of everyone who met her, especially her human parents and furry siblings.

We will really miss Anna, but angels need to go back to heaven eventually. Hope you’re enjoying running around with my Barley up there, Annabanana!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Anna

  1. Karen Wagner

    So sorry for their loss of Sweet Anna. Please give Anna’s family my condolence’s and I hope Anna’s memorie’s give them comfort during this sad time. She was beautiful! RIP Sweet Anna. xoxo

  2. Kelly

    Thank you Auntie J for remembering our sister and pack leader so beautifully. We are so thankful that you photographed us when you did so we have these wonderful photos to go with our memories. Everyone who knew her knew how special she was. Love Ball meetings just won’t be the same without her, but we are ready to accept any love, snuggles and kisses meant for her.

    Rosco and Gigi

  3. I know your friends truly appreciate your kind words about their beloved dog Anna. As a fellow dog lover (and being owned by dogs myself), nothing touches me more than when I hear about one of my own dogs making a difference in someone else’s life. Sure, I know how great they are, but it is truly heartening when others acknowledge the same sentiment. Thank you for being Anna’s friend.

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