Otis in His New Home!

Lucky for us, Otis’ new dad is a photographer! Double lucky for us, he doesn’t mind if I share these pictures with you all. All of the updates I’ve been getting from R have been positive, and it sounds like Otis is settling in just fine! The pictures sure make it seem that way (some are camera, some are phone – all are from his new dad!):

Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Otis in His New Home!

  1. Karen Wagner

    Aww…these pic’s are great! Otis sure look’s happy and content:))) Tell Otis’ dad thank you for sharing these! I hope we continue to see more pic’s of Otis:) I think all of us would love that! Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

  2. Have to say, like everyone else, was extremely emotional to see Otie adopted! Your posts are so candid & heartfelt, we can’t help but become emotionally invested. Otis became “our” dog! I’m a volunteer @ a municipal shelter & also a community outreach program to help get dogs “off the chain”. Can’t wait to foster, have learned so much from you! Sending you a virtual hug and many,many thanks. Don’t stop blogging:)

  3. Katherine Pitts

    WOW!!! it seems the only difference in the photos is the person. they seem a duplicate of yours Juliana. excellent job getting him to have more confidence in himself and others.

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