Otis is… ADOPTED!!!

It seems that four months is the magic number at the PLF House, as Otis has officially found his way out of my life and into someone else’s… forever!

To be honest, I’ve had a lot of wonderful inquiries about Otis over the last four months, but none of them were the right fit. For many, there were obvious reasons why it wouldn’t work out, but for others it just wasn’t a good match. I knew Otis wouldn’t attach to anyone new  right away, especially during a brief adoption visit, but the way he was so closed down around potential adopters started getting me worried. Until we met R.

R emailed me one day after seeing Otis on the MCHS website, and even though he was a bit different from the exact mold I had dreamed up for Otis initially, I had a good feeling about him and his situation so I put him through the tests. You fosters know what I’m talking about – the rigorous discussions where you try to talk potential adopters out of your dog, and if they’re still interested then you know you’ve got a good one! R wasn’t put off by any of Otie’s “quirks” so we set up a met and greet.

That meeting is what sold me on this pair. Otis loved R. It was the most affection I’ve seen Otis display towards any new stranger, ever.  I was relieved that I wasn’t the only one who felt good vibes from the visit when I later found an excited email from R in my inbox about moving forward with the adoption process. The following days consisted of a long, serious talk between R and one of our adoption counselors about how to make Otie the happiest dog he can be for the rest of his life, another visit between Otis and R that went beautifully, and a few dozen more emails answering questions and brainstorming ideas on how to ease the transition. We wanted to make sure we had as many bases covered as possible.

Finally, all the paperwork was signed and Otie was officially R’s. R came to pick Otis up from work and that’s when all the goodbye butterflies set in. I couldn’t believe he was actually leaving – after so many failed adoptions and failed applications, Otis had finally found the perfect home? That was a tough one to swallow. But R is going to already seems to love him just as much as I do, plus it helps that he works from home (jackpot!!) and has a huge yard for Otis to run around in. It was tough to watch Otie walk out to R’s car that day, but I knew there was nothing but a happy life waiting for him.

R has been very kind in sending me frequent updates which have put my worries at ease.  It seems that while the transition was understandably a little difficult for Otis, he is finally settling into his new life (insert BIG sigh of relief here). I am sure he will be attached to R’s hip in no time, if he isn’t already!

It’s been a long road for this one, but Honey Bunches of Otis is finally home.

39 thoughts on “Otis is… ADOPTED!!!

  1. Wendy

    Oh, that is such happy news!!! I am so, so happy for Otis and for R. I hope Otis has a great life in his forever home. I also hope we get some updates once in a while. :)

  2. Linda

    Tears of happiness for Otis! I have grown quite attached to the little fella and will sure miss the daily blogs about him, but this is what fostering is about and I am so happy he now has his forever home. Looking forward to your next foster!

  3. wendy mccurley

    Happy tears for Otis today! I have grown such an attachment to him over the last few months reading your awesome blog! So glad Otis has found his forever home with R! It’s a good day.

  4. Jan Stocks

    A lump in my throat for what has been and what will come for Otis. God Bless you and your loving heart. So thankful Otis has found his furever home. Can’t wait to see what’s next in store for you….

  5. Donna Devereux Mosher

    I will miss posts about this big guy…..please encourage R to keep you/us updated on his adjustment. They both look so happy in your pictures. Having just adopted my forever baby in May I am so excited for them to experience all the wonderful firsts and to develope a close relationship just like the I have with my girlfriend.
    And of course I want to thank you for your generosity of time and especially heartfelt love for these blockheaded dogs that we all love so ferociously. After the devastaing news from Miami last night and the stalemate in Annapolis I have been feeling quite down…..your post lifted my spirits and proves that our fight will continue.
    Thank you.

  6. Aaaahhhhh! I’m so happy for Otis! And you! And R! Well done. I found myself crying at the image of watching you watch Otis go out to the car. That would kill me. In fact, I’m going to start fostering my first dog in a couple weeks and I’m anticipating that very moment. But what a service you’re doing for animal kind. Keep it up and THANK YOU!

  7. Karen Wagner

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t think I’d get this upset but it is in a good way and sad way! I am so happy for Otis and R! I wish those two the best! I am going to miss Otis so much so I cannot imagine how “difficult” this is for you Juliana. I am just sitting here with tear’s streaming down my face..tear’s of joy plus I am kinda sad too. Does that make sense?? I just loved Otis and I know he will be great with R. Thank you and God bless you for all you did for Otis. You are an angel! I hope we get update’s too from R…it would be great to see Otis in his new home and to see what he is up to! Have a great day everyone! xoxo

  8. Danemom

    This fills my heart with so much love! I am so happy for Otis! I hope R will continue to let us in on Otis’ journey! He is such a special dog! Great job foster momma!

  9. Niki & our beloved pibble Zeus

    That it awesome! I’m so happy to hear that Otis has found his forever home. I loved reading about Otis & I hope that you’ll be able to keep us updated on his new life with R. Congrats to R & Otis…it looks like they will be the best of friends. :)

  10. Laurie

    How is it possible to become attached to a dog i’ve never met? I am so happy for all of you. Juliana, you did an amazing job making Otis into a well known pup, in addition to getting him ready for his forever home. Congratulations on this bitter sweet ending. Keep us posted!

  11. Oh my gosh Juliana I am so so happy for Otis. It sounds like he really did hit the jackpot as you say. Huge yard and his new dad works from home?! What more could a dog ask for?! I’m gushing to myself as I read this. You should be so, so proud of yourself.

  12. Narda

    Congrats to all three of you. Good job preparing Otie so well for his forever home, and for waiting for his true dad to be found. Can’t wait to meet the next one. Hopefully as the weather cools off, another pitttie trails will be in the cards. So we can see the newest adoptabull

  13. Robert Lowrey

    well its nice to here that Otis is with his new dad and i hope they have a long life togather i have a red nose pit myself i take my dog out and walk her play with her and the balls she also loves to swim kept them happy and there the best treat them like there your own kids and u have a happy dog

  14. Awesome, this is such great news! I’m so happy for Otis and R, I’m sure they will have some great adventures together. And, yeah for you too, you did a wonderful job with him!

  15. You did it to me again! It’s crazy because I love following your journey with your foster babies and when I opened up my inbox and read the title for today’s blog I was both happy and teary-eyed before reading the blog. You’re amazing with these dogs and with letting people see all that they are worth especially in times when they can’t do it for themselves. I’m so happy for Otis just as I was for Baxter and YOU are a true inspiration!

  16. Debbi

    “missionpawsible” wrote exactly what I was thinking :) Thank you for being so self-less in your love for these wonderful dogs! Big hug!!

  17. Laura M

    Although I’m relatively new to your blog, I have tears of happiness for Otis and you! From what I’ve read you have given Otis so much love and learning opportunities that I was wondering why someone wasn’t scooping him up! But good things come to those who wait. Congrats on making a massive difference in multiple lives!

  18. Lynnie

    Everyone has already said it all. Happy tears here for HBO. He was one of the lucky ones to have landed in your arms. I think you’re amazing.

  19. This is wonderful!! Congratulations to Otis’ new best friend! What happy news. I am sure it’s going to be awfully quiet around there with him gone but it’s great to know you found him such a perfect fit.

    Congratulations, again! *happy dance*

  20. ilissa Flamm

    Yea! I hope both new “Dad” and Otis find much joy in their new journey together as a family-

    Sent from my i-Phone The contents of this email may contain personal and confidential information for the intended recipient only. In the event that you receive this email communication in error, please immediately notify the sender of the same and refrain from disclosing, forwarding, or disseminating the contents of this email to any third parties.”

  21. Dave

    I’m glad I got to meet R a couple times during the process. He seems like such a great guy and I think Otis really got just as lucky as R did! I love these win-win situations!

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