My New Hobby: Doggyoga

I am a new master at yoga for dogs doggyoga. FosterMama says she HATES yoga for humans, but she dislikes a lot of things that I enjoy (rolling in deer poop, jumping in excitement, waking up early) so I decided to give it a try. Turns out, I love it! I am so flexible.

I am just THRILLED that I found a hobby I like and am good at! Big smiles!

Have a great doggyoga filled weekend!

9 thoughts on “My New Hobby: Doggyoga

  1. Karen Wagner

    I think it’s “downward dog”…Otis style though! Otis…you just need to get your bottom up a bit more!LOL…I know you can do it with some more practice! Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

  2. Heartbeat-At-My-Feet

    Ugh, I hate yoga too! I try to like it, I know it’s supposed to be all healthy and relaxing and stuff, I just think it’s boring.

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