Baxter and Otis!

Like I said yesterday: what could be better than getting a former foster and current foster together for a play date!?

Coincidentally, Baxter and Otis have actually met before. When Baxter was in the shelter a year ago and Otis was with me for the first time, we used Otis to dog test Baxter. Crazy, right!? I obviously had no idea what impact either dog would end up having on my life a year down the road, but that was the first time I ever met Bax. Baxter didn’t feel very well for that meet and greet, so both dogs seemed like they couldn’t have cared less about each other – and you know what? Not much has changed!

I was thrilled when Baxter’s mom was happy to accept my offer to bring Otis with me to visit and hopefully have a play date with Bax (in her words, “I hoped you’d say that!” – could they get more awesome?). Baxter has been getting a little pushy with male dogs recently, so we had to be cautious when introducing the two. Otis is so “whatever” about dogs (mostly just very submissive) that Baxter had no problem with him. Baxter didn’t even mind when Otis showed some serious interest in Miss Piggy!

Here is one photo that pretty much sums up how Bax & Otis felt about each other:

Total apathy. Baxter had a “too cool for you” attitude, and Otis, well, doesn’t have very strong opinions about many things so he was fine with whatever. It actually worked out really well, and was a victory on all accounts: Baxter was accepting of another male on his turf and Otis followed Baxter’s rules to prevent conflict and everyone was able to have a healthy socialization session. Though I think Piggy and Baxter seemed to find Otis’ antics a little amusing:

They did have bouts of playing when Otis was able to convince Baxter that running around in the heat was a good idea. They played so well with each other! Even all three of them together stayed within safe and appropriate levels of play. I think the heat helped a lot with keeping everyone subdued, but still – I was proud of each one.

For the most part, they spent their time ignoring each other in the grass. Aren’t they so stinkin’ adorable together?! So many happy tongues!

I am just as thrilled about this combo as I was about being able to hang out with all the humans. Everyone got along so well and each dog was on their best behavior. If that’s not cause for victory celebrations, I don’t know what is! I can’t wait until we do it again.

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

10 thoughts on “Baxter and Otis!

  1. Narda

    Juliana, this is great. While perhaps not what you intended with this post, I loved it for more reasons than seeing Baxter and Otis happy. Because Harley is reactive, we always try to get Dash to see other dogs, and interact (when appropriate and safe) with dogs that are less Harley-like. While Dash does great, sometimes I am a little disappointed that he doesn’t want to roll around and play with them, and it worries me that Harley is rubbing off on him. This post is a nice reminder, that “active play” is not the only interaction to be happy with. Ignoring, or some polite sniffing, without any issue should be just as celebrated. Thanks!

  2. Robert Lowrey

    that is so great its nice to see some good things come out of the pittbulls if people would just stop and see what these dogs can really do there not mean or killers its the owners i have a rednose pitt that i love alot and i have had no trouble with her one bit she loves everyone

  3. Baxter “pushy”? So hard to imagine from such a sleepy dude haha. So glad they all had a fun day together. Still remember Miss Piggy being one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met. So jealous of your day with all 3 – and your special experiences with 2 in particular :)

  4. This is amazing. And it’s all due to the hard work of yourself and everyone else who has cared for these dogs. Even I used to believe that pit bulls were naturally dog aggressive – it’s great to see another stereotyped shattered!

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