Grand Pree, Grand Shmee

FosterMama left me again last weekend (not that I mind because I looove my FosterGrandparents… but that is not the point!) to go to this thing she called a Vintage Grand Pree. She traveled all the way to Pitties-burg with FosterDad to see a bunch of old cars and motorcycles drive in circles. What the heck!? Who needs cars when you have me! I tried to convince her of that before she left, but they went anyway – and apparently they had a great time… hmpf!

When they came back I heard some appalling news – the place was dog friendly! I could have gone! Look at all the adorable pups they spotted. There was even a little Barley dog Wheaten Terrier and pretty pittie girl.

I am so, so offended that they did not bring me. Never mind that it was extremely crowded and very loud and had lots of small children… I still should have at least been invited.

Since they left and had so much fun with cars and motorcycles, I stayed home and had my own fun. Take THAT, Mama! I obviously absolutely hated this entire process had a great time being a biker dog without you this weekend.

(P.S. from FosterMom: Don’t worry, the bike stayed firmly planted while Otie was getting his picture taken – no sidecar rides for this pup!)

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

6 thoughts on “Grand Pree, Grand Shmee

  1. Karen Wagner

    Looks like the Grand Pree was alot of fun! Alot of cool car’s and doggie’s too:) At least you had fun being a biker dog!?? You look pretty awesome to me!LOL Otis, you always crack me up! Have a great day Otis! xoxo

  2. Foster-Dad

    Your photography has come so far! I love using your skills to take pictures of subjects I want :-) Can’t wait to see all the race photos.

  3. skullandcrosstales

    haha how cute!!
    when i was a kid my dad had a motor bike – my cat used to love sleeping on it, and i got some adorable photos! no helmet on her little kitty head though!

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