A House of Sickies

Well I am just SO BUSY playing doctor this week! FosterUncle has been taking up my couch working on getting better since the surr-gin dug into his foot last week, and I have been on 24/7 care duty with him.

Now FosterMama is ickies too! She immediately came home from work yesterday and went into her room and slept all evening, saying she had a mygrain (well if it’s my grain, why do you have it??). I knew just what to do since I’d been practicing with FosterUncle – I curled up next to Mama’s bed and kept her company all evening.  You would have never known that I had been sleeping all day while she was at work the way that I snoozed away the evening with her, being sure to not interrupt her precious nap time. I am such a good dog Doctor like that.

FosterMama feels bad she wasn’t able to take any new pictures of me doing cool things, so she wanted me to stick a bunch of old, random, unedited ones on here. She says she is sorry and that she’ll be back with fun photos tomorrow hopefully! I told her it was okay and that our blog friends would understand – and then I gave her face a bath with my tongue… that’s what sick people need, right??

Anyway, here are pictures of me being me. Below is also photo documentation of me being a wonderful snuggler-pillow-watchdog for Mama while she tries to feel better.

Now will someone please adopt me so I can stop sleeping with these ick people all day and start running around outside like I would prefer!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “A House of Sickies

  1. Karen Wagner

    Awww…Doc Otis…please tell fostermama that I hope she feels better soon! Those mygrain’s are horrible and I am so glad you were there to comfort and snuggle with her:) Love your pics as usual, especially the one’s where you are running around like a nut!! Hope eveyone start’s feeling better STAT! xoxo to you Otis!

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