Video Wednesday: Reunions With Otis

Pictures simply do NOT do Otis justice. Especially when I sit here all day and blab about how reserved he can be. I suppose the occasional zoomie picture might give him some credit where credit is due, but when Otis is out of his shell – which is a lot at my house – he is one of the silliest, happiest dogs I know.

Coming home to Otis is hilarious, and hands down the best part of my day. He gets so excited that his butt scoots underneath him and he just starts frog leaping all over the place. I feel a little bit bad misleading people that he is calm and subdued all the time – because this two year old certainly has puppy energy when he wants to! But that’s what I love about him (and the fact that he zonks out two minutes later). His joy is infectious, and it can cure any tough day at work.

Warning: this video has some screeching in it, so turn your volume down and enjoy the hurricane that is Otis upon my return!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

6 thoughts on “Video Wednesday: Reunions With Otis

  1. Karen Wagner

    Otis is such a good boy! I can see how he would make your day and I hope one day soon that someone will adopt him so they can enjoy that special part of him!! He is a doll! Just love him! xoxo

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  3. Rob

    Yep…he does this even if I’m in the garage for an hour. He likes to tear back and forth and crouch down with front paws straight out. I go take a shower or something for five minutes and come back and he’s practically comatose. Goof.

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