Otis & Other Dogs: It Continues

I’ve discussed Otis’ feelings towards other dogs on a few occasions. I’ve basically spelled out how he is fine with dogs on walks and such, but he can’t live with them because of how submissive he is. He ends up miserable and hides his life away – or at least that was his behavior at his last home. It was understandable considering he was living with a dominant female who bullied him around a lot.

This whole time I’ve had Otis I’ve kept him kind of sheltered from other dogs. Not totally intentionally – it’s mostly just been because I don’t have many easily accessible friends with dogs (Bella moved away). I know he’s great with other dogs on walks and such, but his thoughts on off-leash dogs stayed unknown until the perfect opportunity came up: Monster.

You all met Monster in Tuesday’s post about the pool party. Monster is owned by my friend Nevie. She recently became fully responsible for him when she moved out of her parents house and into her own apartment. She is quickly learning what it’s like when your dog isn’t perfect – including when they’re nippy, they resource guard, they don’t like strangers, etc. She is doing a remarkable job tackling this training on her own (with the help, of course, of our favorite doggy genius in Texas), and I definitely recommend heading over to From The Pits to read about how Nevie is handling Monster’s difficult behavior.

While Monster might be working on some of his manners with humans, he gets along very well with other dogs. I knew that whatever dog could bring out the best side of Otis would have to be calm, laid back, and not super dominant. That was Monster.

At the beginning of their play date, neither pup paid much attention to the other. It was total indifference. Even when one mama would have treats, they acted like the other didn’t exist.

I was pretty satisfied with this, even though they weren’t BFFs. Otis was relaxed and tolerant around Monster – what more could I ask for? That is when the magic happened…

Otis and Monster began tearing around the yard like it was the best thing they had ever done. In between taking pictures (because obviously I had to capture the moment) all I could do was jump up and down and squeal. “He likes him! He really, really likes him!” Yes, watching Otis & Monster play instantly brought out my inner pre-teen. What can I say? It was a really exciting breakthrough.

You can tell Otis was having fun because his zoomie-eye came out. I think Monster enjoyed it too, even though Otis used his size to his advantage (brat). Just kidding, they really got along wonderfully. I’m excited at the prospect of more off-leash play dates with the appropriate doggy friends!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

8 thoughts on “Otis & Other Dogs: It Continues

  1. Karen Wagner

    This is wonderful! Look’s like he found a great friend in Monster! Both so adorable and look how much fun they are having! Go Otis and Monster!! xoxo

  2. Juliana, this is my favorite blog post of all time written by anyone. Thank you for your kind words and the wonderful friendship blossoming between Otis and Monster. I think we need to have another playdate for them soon – I think the ‘mash deserves a reward for all the hard work he’s doing on other things. :)

  3. Lynnie

    Long time no talk to, but I follow you daily here. I love this post. Otis is getting to be more free from his frightening past every day. Thanks to you. So fun to see your great pic’s.

  4. This is so great! How adorable! I’ll never forget the first time I watched my dog let loose with a doggy buddy. It made me jump and squeal too. :-)

  5. Brittany

    Yeah Otis!!! Way to go buddy! Sometimes you just have to find the right doggy friend. We have a 60lb Staffordshire Terrier mix who is afraid of most big dogs but has always loved and behaved very appropriately with small dogs. When we started fostering we focused only on little dogs since we knew that would be best for Jack. This led to us foster failing with Luna, 17 lbs of Xolo mix silliness. She and Jack are best friends and since she is so small he views her crazy antics as amusing rather that scary. Watching them play is the best!

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