Pennsylvania Pittie

I got to spend a lot of time with my two favorite golden furballs this weekend! You met Seamus and Profitta back in October and in FosterDad’s guest post. They’re my boyfriend’s dogs, and we hung out with them while visiting his parents in PA. They are, as always, beyond adorable.

Profitta – Age 11. Laid back, wise, and still mischievous.

Seamus – Age 6. Playful, happy-go-lucky, and Mark’s shadow.

In between snuggling with these two, I also got the opportunity to go check out a local rescue! I fell in love with the most darling pit bull named Everest. Can you guess why I took such a liking to this little guy, even before I met him? (Sorry about the iPhone photos.)

Yes, he is nearly the spitting image of Mr. Baxter! He’s a little stockier, but that big black pittie smile had me doing a double take. Everest is such a sweetie. When I met him he ran up to the fence of his outdoor running looking for ear scratches and baby talk. To my delight, we got to go inside and spend some quality time with him. I learned that Everest has an affinity for laps and TLC (what pup doesn’t?), and totally soaks up affection. He is happiest right here:

A self-proclaimed lap dog, Everest would make a wonderful companion for someone looking to give an amazing dog a new chance at love. He’s never lived in a home before so he’s got some manners to learn, but his potential shines right through in his dazzling personality. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and think you know of someone who might be interested in adopting this sweet boy, email me at I would scoop him up in a heartbeat if I could!

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Pittie

  1. Karen Wagner

    Just love Profitta and Seamus’ pics! Absolutely adorable!! My brother and sister in law adopted a goldie from a shelter and he is just awesome. His name is Teddy and he is just like a little teddy bear. The sweetest guy ever! Everest…you are absolutely a doll!! Just love that face too! Sounds like you had a great weekend with all the dogs! Thanks for the great pics! xoxo

  2. Katherine Pitts

    OMG! that is pure love seamus has for mark. just look at seamus’ face and the eyes, awesome.
    now why am i not surprised that everest looked like mr baxter. both are very special.

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