Throwback Thursdays: Little Zee

In a recent attempt at a somewhat DIY project (more on that later) I was looking over old foster photographs. Going through the hundreds of photos I have of my first foster Zabora – now known as Medivka – made me miss her. Made me miss her really bad. She was such a gem of a dog – a dazzling, tender personality hiding behind soulful honey eyes. Just thinking about it makes me want to scoop her up for one of those snuggles she was so good at. Being stuck in nostalgia, I’ve decided to re-post some photos of her, especially since so many of you discovered Peace, Love, and Fostering after she left.

Her story is quite remarkable, actually. An Elderbull predicted to be somewhere over eight years old, with suspected creaky bones and a weird neurological disorder that left her bumbling all over the place. She was cute as a button and sweet as sugar, but was continually overlooked at the shelter because of her age. Lucky that Aleksandra from Love & a Six-Foot Leash knows a great thing when she sees it and plucked her out of the shelter right as soon as she could. Then hundreds of people came together to support Z’s road to recovery, proving to us all how amazing this community really is. You can read about Zabora’s story on Love and a Six-Foot Leash’s posts about her, and right here on PLF in our early days.

She is doing amazing in her home, by the way! Which is no surprise considering what a sweetie she is. Here are some of my favorite photos of her that show just how charming her little pittie personality is.

Can you tell she does a lot of sleeping? Then there was that time I fell flat on my butt and she ambled over to the rescue. What a love.

It’s always nice (and, yes, maybe a teenie bit sad) to look back on past fosters. You miss them, but you’re also so satisfied knowing they’re happily sleeping in the homes of their forever families. I’m so thrilled that’s the way the story went for our beloved Zabora/Medivka!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: Little Zee

  1. Tara Mitchell

    Awww….is this the little baby you were telling me about at the first Pittie Trails hike? We got to talking about my Cotton’s clumsiness due to neurological stuff and you fondly spoke of this little beauty. Thanks for revisiting her and sharing her story, happy to hear she’s doing well!

  2. Karen Wagner

    Oh…I would miss her too! She is just adorable and such a sweetheart! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics of her! I never saw her before so it’s nice to see the dog’s you’ve fostered:) xoxo

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