Riding in Cars with Dogs

Since I take my fosters nearly everywhere with me, they do a lot of riding in cars. They’re usually sent to the oh-so-lonely back seat, and most have been great passengers. Baxter was the best because he would curl up and sleep for the whole ride. Honey Bunches is great in that he respects his position in the back seat, but he has yet to figure out that stability comes from sitting or lying on the seat. He’s usually playing surfer dog with his drooling face right next to my ear. But he is getting the hang of it.

Last weekend we had some gorgeous evening weather. What better way to enjoy that than to go for a ride in a convertible, right? I wanted Otis to come out with me and my brother, so we all piled in and – after multople rearrangements – found the perfect set up. Both humans sat safely buckled up, and Otis sat on the floor in front of me with his front paws in my lap. That way I was able to wrap my arms around him and make sure he didn’t go anywhere. He loved it!

We had a great time! Otie is officially a top-down lovin’ dog. Glad we can add that to the list of fun summer activities to squeeze in while looking for his forever home.

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Dogs

  1. Carol

    Love your posts. Thanks for helping the pups. I don’t mean to tell you what to do but, I just got my first doggie seatbelt after reading soooo many posts from rescue groups posting searches for pets that had been thrown from cars in accidents and had run away…or worse, been then hit by a car or died from injuries when thrown out. I couldn’t imagine my pup being in any of those situations. Good luck and keep posting!

    • No, I totally agree – thank you for your concern! I really, REALLY need to invest in a doggy seatbelt and have been meaning to for a long time. This post definitely doesn’t highlight totally responsible doggy car rides, because our furry passengers really should be restrained. I guess this is my push to finally go get one! And an opportunity for a follow up post :)

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