An Otie-Note to My FosterGrandpa

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Many of you probably celebrated surrounded by your loved ones, whether in person, in dog, or in spirit. I don’t yet have a forever family, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some great Dads in my life right now. I’ve already told you guys how much I like my FosterDad, but I haven’t really filled you in on my feelings about my FosterGrandpa.

My FosterGrandpa is very special to me. Word on the street is that he doesn’t exactly consider himself a “dog person” like his daughter is, but it sure seems like he is an “Otie person.” You see, FosterGrandpa works from home so we spend long days together while everyone else is working from not-home. He lets me out to do my business and every once in a while we take breaks and sit outside on the back deck together, soaking up the sunshine and the fresh air. I’ve even started going downstairs and hanging out in his office with him instead of my staying on my usual couch roost. We, ya know, keep each other company. It’s really nice.

I’m a lucky dog because FosterGrandpa does a lot to make life easier on Mama so that I can stick around. FosterMama knows that if it were not for FosterGrandpa and FosterGrandma, she could not take care of needy pups like me. I believe it was only a mere three days after my half-brother Barley passed away that FosterGrandpa started allowing foster dogs into his house and his heart, and for that I am very thankful. FosterMama says that it makes her happy every day when she sees FosterGrandpa interact with the temporary pups that come through their home – me included.

So, Happy Father’s Day to the greatest and hopefully only FosterGrandpa I will ever know! Thanks for taking such great care of me and sneaking me the good treats before dinner.

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “An Otie-Note to My FosterGrandpa

  1. Karen Wagner

    Oh Otis…what an adorable little note about FosterGrandpa! Very well put! FosterGrandpa sounds amazing! So glad you have such awesome people in your life Otis!! xoxo

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