B-More Dog’s Pit Bulls on Parade: Part 2

A few more photos highlighting B-More Dog’s Pit Bulls on Parade (view the first batch on yesterday’s post). By the way, this is a monthly event! For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

The rest of the photos will be up on Peace, Love, and Fostering’s Facebook page by the end of today (Wednesday). Hope to see some of you at the next parade!

6 thoughts on “B-More Dog’s Pit Bulls on Parade: Part 2

  1. Karen Wagner

    Awww…just LOVE these pictures! Everyone’s having soooo much fun!! Wish I could join you at the next parade!!:) xoxo….give Otis a hug/kiss for me please:))))

  2. Thank you for covering this! I have missed the last couple walks (buying a home takes all your time up!!) . I love what this group does and the message they send to the community. Thanks again for giving them some more exposure!!!

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